Pro-choice dictatorship hits UK health system

This story is absolutely brutal, although not surprising when you consider how the UK has been trending with regards to freedom of speech.

Let’s stop kidding ourselves and be frank: the United Kingdom is no longer a nation that allows freedom of speech for all. Period.  Call in the UN observers.

LONDON, January 12, 2011 ( – A 39-year-old British Christian mental health worker is facing the sack for expressing her opinions in a private conversation with colleagues about the mental health problems faced by women who have had abortions.

Forrester told colleagues that she was concerned that women are not being given adequate information on the dangers of abortion to their long-term mental health. She showed co-workers a booklet on post-abortion syndrome that featured the personal testimonies of women who have suffered from it.

After this conversation, Forrester was called into a meeting with her manager and questioned about her views. At first she was suspended from her job, but then the Trust changed her status to a special leave with pay, during which she was required to sit in an office and not work.

At a disciplinary hearing on December 22, Forrester was told that she could continue to work only if she never spoke of her beliefs about abortion again. She was told never to “give materials like this to colleagues at work.” (Source)

So much for professional integrity and the interests of the patient. When health care professionals can’t have a private discussion among themselves on how to best treat patients, you gotta wonder what’s the point of going to the doctor. What kind of garbage politically-correct treatment have they been dictated to give you?

Give me a break.

Farewell, UK. Once a bastion of democracy, now you join the ranks of the military juntas and banana republics.

2 thoughts on “Pro-choice dictatorship hits UK health system

  1. The same is going on in the rest of the West. As long as Nicolaitanism is bought into, and passes of as Christianity this will go on. Many people looking at this Pagan form of Christianity are leaving the Church and going into agnosticism. Too few can tell the difference anymore. the Nicolaitans have learned that they can fool most of the people to support them, and pay for their air-time so they can entice many more.

  2. How much longer untill the Pro-Death-Opinion Police come knocking on doors everywhere?

    “Pray for us Mary, Mother of Sorrows, that we will crucify our pride with Christ on the cross”.

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