Pro-Aborts Won’t Listen. Try To Prevent Others From Listening.

HALIFAX, NS, February 7, 2008 – A recently posted Youtube video shows a mob of abortion advocates shouting down a pro-life speaker at Saint Mary’s University the evening of February 5. The protestors disrupted a lecture given by Jojo Ruba, co-founder of the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform (CCBR). While chanting and shouting over Ruba and covering his projector, police arrived on scene and threatened the angry mob with arrest if they did not permit the scheduled presentation, hosted by St. Mary’s pro-life students, to continue.

The protestors quieted down when the police came, but quickly raised their voices again, especially when Ruba began showing photos of past genocides like the Holocaust, and when he showed a video of abortion.

The presentation was eventually shut down, and it was reported that a university representative did so when she heard the protestors were going to be arrested.

“What looks worse, shutting down a university-approved presentation or arresting people who are unlawfully disrupting that presentation?” asked Ruba, who said he was appalled the university gave in to mob rule. “St. Mary’s should be ashamed of itself for showing students they need only scream when they don’t like something, rather than dialogue respectfully.”

Ruba’s presentation, titled “Echoes of the Holocaust,” caused a stir even before it began. Protesters were outraged over his comparing abortion to the Holocaust, a theme frequently espoused by his organization, CCBR.

CCBR’s executive director, Stephanie Gray, explained their philosophy: “If the unborn aren’t human, our comparison is wrong. But if the unborn /are/ human, then our comparison is frighteningly accurate. We’re not saying the Holocaust and abortion are identical but we are saying they are comparable: innocent human beings denied their personhood status, used for experimentation, treated as objects, legally killed in centres designed to terminate their lives, and disposed of like waste.”

Ruba didn’t get to properly make his case for this comparison, however, in the face of the mob. He said, “These so-called pro-’choice’ people don’t believe in choice at all. Along with denying the unborn their choice to live, they suppressed the audience’s choice to hear my presentation. They have shown themselves to be intolerant and hateful.”

About 60 people came to hear the talk, including many pro-choice students. The Youtube video shows Ruba beginning his talk by thanking everyone for coming. He then encouraged those who agreed or disagreed to ask questions at the end. “I just asked them to raise their hands first,” said Ruba.

Ruba is currently on a speaking tour at university campuses and said that in his eight years of speaking he has never been met with such hostility. He has several more presentations scheduled in the Maritimes for next week.

For further information:
Primary contact: Jojo Ruba, 403-689-5890 (cell), or
Secondary contact: Stephanie Gray, 403-200-0777 (cell)


Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform (CCBR) Box 123 5-8720 Macleod Trail
SE Calgary, AB, T2H 0M4
403-668-0485 (office)
403-539-2227 (fax)

This is so typical of the pro-abort jackboots. They don’t want to hear a different perspective — which is their own ignorant right, I suppose. But they refuse to allow others to hear a different perspective and make up their own minds on the matter. That’s just so obscene and it does incredible damage to the pro-abort position.

They look like a bunch bullies because they ARE a bunch of bullies.

And nobody likes a bully.  Pro-abort = Pro-Bully.

Contrast that to JoJo Ruba. Calm. Collected. Respectful. Jo didn’t have to utter a word or show any video or pictures to do maximum damage to the pro-abort clique that stomp around our nation’s campuses. All he had to do was show up. In fact, if that is the kind of reaction he can expect every time he speaks on university campuses, the pro-life side might win without even uttering one word or showing one picture.

Insiders tell me that there were quite a few pro-choicers in the audience wanting to hear the presentation. Needless to say, I am sure they came out of there with a completely different perspective of those who espouse their position.  All of that seething anger and mindless chanting should cause any reasonable person to pause and re-assess the tactics and position of the pro-abort fanatics.  Chances are that a number of those girls already have had  abortions.

We shouldn’t be too concerned about the jackboot tactics of the protesters…or the University of Calgary for that matter.  If they try to shut us up, it’s a public relations nightmare. If they don’t, the message sinks in. 

Either way, we win.

2 thoughts on “Pro-Aborts Won’t Listen. Try To Prevent Others From Listening.

  1. Didn’t Pontius Pilate give in to mob rule too?

    They shout so loudly! Give them Barrabas, and let the blood of the innocent be on them and their children.

    (Matthew 27:23-25)

  2. Thanks for the video, WoW…you’re right, it doesn’t show the Pro-Choice lobby in a very favourable right. How can anyone come to a reasonable conclusion on this issue when the extremists on both sides just scream at each other. It makes it impossible for moderates to have a healthy discussion.

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