Pro-Aborts Show Fascist Tendencies Again

… Mr. Ruba was invited to speak at Saint Mary’s by members of a new university pro-life group that booked a room through the school’s chaplain.

Demonstrators from the Coalition for Choice arrived just as the lecture started and began chanting over Mr. Ruba’s words and eventually blocked his visual presentation on an overhead projector.

The protesters stayed for over 35 minutes until campus security and Halifax Regional Police arrived and the event was shut down.

Lesley-Anne Steeleworthy, who is chairwoman of the board at the women’s centre at the university, said the lecture topic was “anti-choice” and offensive on “a number of levels.”

“It is shocking,” Ms. Steeleworthy said Sunday. “It’s comparing women who want the right to choose to being as evil as Hitler.”

As a result, her group is considering a human rights complaint against the university chaplain for participating in the event. The chaplain is in his first year in the position.

“The chaplain is supposed to be there for all students on campus, and yet he’s advocating anti-choice,” Ms. Steeleworthy said.

“Organizing something so offensive, I think, is pretty rough coming from the chaplain’s office.”

Her group plans to hold an emergency meeting today to discuss the issue.

And there was more fallout from the lecture.

The head of the university’s pro-life society said he is also thinking about lodging a complaint against the school administrator who shut the lecture down.

Joseph Westin, a second-year commerce student, said he was shocked that such action was taken.

In an interview Sunday night, he said the protesters should have been escorted out, instead of the other way around.

“It’s sort of a censorship-freedom of speech battle that only really happens when the issue of abortion comes up,” Mr. Westin said. (Source)

Like, there’s a surprise, eh?  When in doubt, call in the HRC thugs to shut down the debate.  This is becoming a cosmic joke.

And where this woman got her idea that a Catholic chaplain is supposed to represent “all students” shows you the level of coherency the other side has, especially with an issue like abortion. 

Why don’t they just come out and say that Catholics and other Christians are not allowed on campus?

That would be far more honest and to the point.

Just. Say. It.

One thought on “Pro-Aborts Show Fascist Tendencies Again

  1. “That would be far more honest and to the point.”

    Could we actually expect some honesty and forthrightness from a Canadian University? and a secular-humanist, governing-party operated “public” one at that?

    That is a logical impossibility.

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