Pro-Aborts Have Always Targetted Blacks

Ads that proclaim “Black Children Are An Endangered Species” are raising eyebrows in Atlanta.


Hey Mr. and Ms. Pro-Abort! 

Tick, tock.  Your number is coming up. 

When you least expect it…the whole abortion edifice is going to come crashing down.

Why?  Because the greatest civil rights movement in history is only beginning to gather steam.

Abortion rights?  It’s so passé in the human rights gig these days.

One thought on “Pro-Aborts Have Always Targetted Blacks

  1. It is true the pro-life movement is gaining momentum. We have finally learned from the anti-slavery movement, and have united our forces. We have many different groups working to fight this evil. One organization or church will not defeat it, only a unified effort by many factions, including our Black brothers and sisters.

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