Pro-Aborts Get Physical

HALIFAX, May 13, 2008 ( – Aggressive pro-abortion demonstrators made physical attempts to shut down Nova Scotia’s first annual “March for Life” Thusday.  Beginning with an evening candle-lit prayer vigil on Wednesday May 7th, 2008 followed by a demonstration on Thursday the event was organized and co-sponsored by the Knights of Columbus, the Catholic Women’s League and the Campaign Life Coalition.  The roughly 90 March for Life participants were infiltrated on both occasions by several pro-abortion activists.
…The pro-abortion demonstrators appeared on the scene with signs reading “My body my choice”, and “Pro-woman, pro-choice”. They attempted to block the procession physically and then proceeded to kick signs over and hold sheets and blankets over the pro-life placards in an attempt to block the signs from view, according to witnesses.This is not the first time that pro-life demonstrators in Halifax have been accosted by pro-abortion groups. Similar attempts at shutting down pro-life demonstrations have been made in the past with the same ‘bed sheet tactics’ in an attempt to curtail the message being presented by the pro-life signage and the presence of pro-life demonstrators.”It’s disheartening and chilling to discover that there is no freedom of speech here in Nova Scotia”, said Chesal….

This is becoming more and more common among the so-called “pro-choice” cabal.  As I pointed out in my earlier blog entry, pro-abort activists are looking more and more like fascist thugs. They’re more interested in shutting down freedom of expression and association, then they are in engaging the abortion debate or holding their own rally.  In fact, they can’t get the numbers out anymore so they resort to trying to “make news” by showing up at large pro-life rallies.

To them, freedom means being free to obstruct and physically intimidate another’s speech or association.  It shows them up for the puny little people they are.  They’ve got nothing to offer except their fist.

In light of the inhuman rights commissions’ trampling of free speech, this is so typical of Canada these days.  We’re getting it from the State and their leftist peons on the ground.

I think these assaults show just how desperate the pro-aborts really are.  I really think that they know, deep down, the abortion lie cannot go on forever and they can read the writing on the scrolls.  Needless to say, they aren’t liking what their reading.

I predict more of this thuggery as we continue to sway public opinion to our side.  And the more momentum we get, the more violent they’ll get. And the more violent they get, the more public sentiment will turn against them. And the more the public turns against them, the more the political winds will blow our way. And the more the political winds blow are way, the closer we’ll get to abolishing abortion.

After all, violence begets violence.

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  1. Here’s a letter by Cathy Jensen, vice president of Moncton Right To Life who was one of the speakers at the March >>

    And here are some pics from the rally taken by Louise McKeen >>

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