3 thoughts on “Pro-abortion Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty resigns

  1. Good riddance…on one hand, but on the other, some of the names already suggested as replacements, (George Smitherman and Kathleen Wynne) make me think we may be in for much , much worse. (At least Laurel Broten’s name has not come up yet)

    Furthermore, I think he’s going to throw his hat into the race to be the new Federal Liberal leader….we can’t get rid of him that easily.

  2. But Warren Kinsella predicts that he will enter the federal liberal leadership race and Kinsella is predicting his victory. Can you imagine MacGuinty as PM? As one of my friends said, she will move to China and promise to have only one child rather than remain in Canada.

  3. The Natural Law of The Ten Commandments was once respected on Canadian and Western Government, Court, and Schoolroom walls, and thus the Canadian and Western majorities hearts. Then in 1962 it was deemed unconstitutional to say The Lord’s Prayer in schools and The Natural Law with it’s justice was taken out of government, law, education, and replaced by Secular Politically Correct so-called neutral morality. This has been a total failure because Western Society has lost it’s moral compass. Free trade has taken away our industry which prospered our citizens and employed our youth. Now people are classified from A to Z and the Z’s are legally slaughtered, as children’s consciences are seared by adults in schools. These idea’s are also spread Worldwide through The UN, by our Cabinet Minister Of Foreign Affairs, as Canadian Values.

    Saint Paul teaches in Romans 2:14-15,” It is not listening to the law but keeping it that will make people holy. For instance pagans who never heard the law but are led by reason to do what the law commands, may not actually posses the law, but they can point to the substance of the law engraved on their own conscience.” Therefore no-one can say they did not know what is virtuous, because The Natural Law is inscribed on your hearts.

    May our people choose Christ,and His ways as our guide in electing righteous political leaders.

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