Pro-abort violence…again

Hello fellow Helpers,

Our team of sidewalk counsellors is going back to Bank St. Thursday, May 5th from 10:30am to 1pm.  Please consider coming to pray with us.

Also, we will be at the Human Rights Monument on Elgin Street on May 12th, during the March for Life.  We will meet at 1pm and pray for the duration of the March.  We will then join the marchers at the tail end of the March.

Please join us at the Human Rights Monument at the corner of Elgin and Lisgar.

Campagne Québec-Vie has posted about the closing of their 40 Days for Life campaign last April 17th.  Pictures and a first hand testimony of the event are here:

For those who don’t read French, here’s a short summary:
About 60 counter protesters showed up. One man started tearing the 40 Days for Life banner.  There were many animated discussions between the pro-lifers and the pro-aborts regarding fetal development, the abortion procedure and the like.  One priest was stalked through the park as he was praying the rosary. A yound couple had decided to get on their knees to pray and the pro-abort crowded them immediately and began playing loud music and hooting to cover their prayers.  The other pro-lifers then came around to sing polyphonic latin chants. One pro-abort got his hands on a rosary, tore it apart, crushed the crucifix and threw the beads onto the heads of the kneeling prayers. Finally the police showed up at 4pm which was the time the organiser had planned for the closing ceremony to be over.  The pro-lifers then went to a nearby convent for prayer and a social.
May God bless these courageous prayer warriors who so patiently endured the mockings of the pro-aborts.

Looking forward to seeing you on Bank St. and at the March!

Doris G.

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