Pro-Abort Thuggery Keeps On Truckin’

ATLANTA, Georgia, June 13, 2008 ( – A Georgia woman will now spend a year behind bars with the opportunity to contemplate the harm she did to a 16 year-old girl and her family by posing as the girl’s mother and forcing her into an abortion with the aid of an abetting abortion clinic.

Cindi Cook, 44, will spend a year in the DeKalb County prison, followed by a year of probation, for acting as an impostor and taking the victim, a minor, to the Northside Women’s Clinic. Posing as the girl’s mother, Cook paid for the abortion, because she didn’t want the girl to give birth to her son’s baby.

Cook forged a note saying that she was the victim’s mother, which the Northside Women’s clinic accepted as proof enough of parental consent. The clinic did not bother to validate Cook’s identity, but accepted the paper as a good enough permission slip for an abortion.

The victim’s family, which has requested to remain anonymous, said that Cook bullied their daughter into having the abortion without their knowledge and was assisted in this crime by the abortion clinic.

The victim’s parents, however, have difficulty believing how Cook could do so much harm, but only serve prison on a misdemeanor conviction. They can’t understand why the crime Cook committed is only a misdemeanor and believe the law ought to be changed to stiffen the penalty….

May I respectfully suggest 25 years to life?

Abortion is going down.  It’s all starting to unravel.  No amount of money or PR is going to be able to salvage it.  The writing’s on the wall.

2 thoughts on “Pro-Abort Thuggery Keeps On Truckin’

  1. “In Germany, they came first for the Communists,

    And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist;

    And then they came for the trade unionists,

    And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist;

    And then they came for the Jews,

    And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew;

    And then they came for me .

    And by that time there was no one left to speak up.”

    And in Canada they are still killing pre-born babies and the ones who speak out are censored by the media and school blackout.

    The Nazi supreme court with its living tree and evolving society interpretation of law and science imposed over 400 laws on the German citizens, and most socially engineered people believe what is legal is moral.

    Canadian Law Schools teache its lawyers and judges the living tree and evolving society interpretation of law and science, and they love to mimic this in our courts and the so-called Human Rights Commissions.

    In their arrogance the” tax-payer funded” education establishments, and “radical” feminists view the Christian Church as little more than a shrine to male patriarchy, and thus ignoring the historic role of Christianity in elevating the status of women. The Catholic Church recognizes women from the fourteenth century as Doctors honored for their brilliant scholarship. Missionary nuns travel the globe to open schools for girls in hostile countries dismissive of female education and rights often to their own peril. The sacrificial selfessness that inspire these women offends “radical” feminists sensibilities.

  2. I misspelled SELFLESSNESS in the last sentence above. That “L” in the word selflessness is so very important. It happens. I also put quotation marks around “radical” feminists because I don’t want to offend REAL Women Of Canada.

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