Pro-abort politician dictating homilies to U.S. bishops

Funny how Nanci Pelosi allows herself an exemption on any Catholic teaching she doesn’t endorse, but when it comes to passing her priorities through Congress, she dictates to the clergy what they should say in their homilies.

Now you know why the Church in the U.S. and elsewhere is so screwed up. I’m sure it’s no different in Canada.

Dear reader, what are you going to do about it?

One thought on “Pro-abort politician dictating homilies to U.S. bishops

  1. If one controls the education establishments, one can fool most of the people all of the time. Germany has gone down this road before. The late Professor Tom Landers was invited to attend a political conference at our local Law School, and took me to prove to me what the secular/sacred divide and doublethink has done to Western thinkers. The political speakers sided with the pro-lifers during the question and answer time allotted and also sided with the pro-death people when they posed their questions. When Tom and I spoke to the speakers afterwords they said to us not to worry that sometimes they are pro-life and sometimes pro-death. They cited many textbook examples. The difference between the West before was that it believed in objective truth. Relativism is nonsense and doing well in the West as well by court and government decree, and few are doing anything about it, but are joining the crowd.

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