Pro-Abort Media Bias is Obvious


Well, I think that little statistic says it all. The March for Life number is the RCMP estimate of the March’s size which is inaccurate and wrong.  However, for the purpose of this exercise, it will serve to highlight what everyone who has an appreciation of reality will concede.  The chart above shows – in a crystal clear presentation – the obvious media bias in this country.  The other stories listed below the March got major media attention (some of which because it fit the media meme), and yet, even by the reported numbers listed above, the March had 3 times the size of its next competitor and it got virtually ignored.

Like good Socialists, the mainstream media in this country thinks it can continue to either ignore or distort the truth in reporting about the pro-life momentum in this country.  They have this sort of god-like idea that there will be no consequences to them or their profession.  They’ve married themselves to the abortion ideology and, come hell or highwater, they’re going to be buried with it when (not if) abortion goes does down in this country. 

What’s good for the Goose is going to be good for the Gander.  One day very soon the media establishment is going to wake up in this country and realize that they’ve become irrelevant in their reporting and become the ghetto where the brainwashed end up.

If they think that SunNews will be their only competitor, they’re going to be in for a big surprise.  Things are in the works now to make them even more irrelevant than they are.

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