Pro-abort Justin and Yogi Sophie At We Day

What is the Ottawa Catholic School Board thinking?

Need we recall that Trudeau banned all pro-lifers (and hence all faithful Catholics) from running for his party?

At some point this becomes borderline child abuse to have your kids indoctrinated into admiring the wrong. Any parent understands how hard it is to undo this damage.

At what point does the Church consider an exit strategy for Catholic education?

2 thoughts on “Pro-abort Justin and Yogi Sophie At We Day

  1. This immoral Church will not stop in its support for all that is ungodly, whether it is by indifference, so called mercy (offered despite any lack of repentance) or open celebration. We must fend for ourselves. When I was growing up in Poland, my parents taught me the truth, and explained to me why the school was teaching me lies, and why I should reject lies.

  2. When a former Christian Civilization in Government,Law and Education returns to a pagan worldview,and calls it “neutral” Secularism,then real Christians are persecuted.Neutral Secular Governments cannot tolerate a worldview which questions their neutrality,as they legalize and normalize perversion to impressionable school children,as neutral secular human rights.Church edifices that are allowed to operate in such neutral secular places become “neutral” Secular as well, or they are guilty of not conforming to the neutrality of Secularism.Secular Christian is an oxymoron,but neutral Seculars educate their people that it is not,and persecute real Christians.When the majority are indoctrinated this way we have the problems we have today.

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