Pro-Abort Class, Breasts & All

From a reader…

My wife, friend and I were sitting at the Eternal Flame during the March for Life today in Ottawa when a young woman jumped up on the flame, ripped off her shirt and started cursing everyone. The Flame was surrounded by teenagers and children at this time (1:10 pm). With bouncing bare breasts she screamed to everyone that she liked to f__ and that she was pregnant and was glad she had the abortion choice. Her bare front and back were marked, with a magic marker, words telling us she was pro-choice and pregnant. Her partner, in the mean-time, was using a blow horn to get everyone’s attention. This went on for about 4 min. before the police came and took her away. Previously, I was asking a police officer why there was so many police present this year. He said it was to avoid any trouble. Did he know something we didn’t know?


We need to pray for that young couple. They are trying to justify themselves, but no matter what they try, they just can’t shake their consciences.

Still, it does show how desperate and sick the other side is.  It was a really good reminder for the young people who had to witness this pathetic display to see what you can become, if you start thinking like the pro-aborts.

For the life of me, I don’t see how bearing one’s breasts advances the pro-abort cause.

Not exactly attractive, is it?  Do you really want to be like them?

6 thoughts on “Pro-Abort Class, Breasts & All

  1. I had the time of my life today, both at the March and at the NCLN Student Dinner. No pun intended. Missed seeing you though.

    I really believe God was protecting me today. I only saw one small crowd of shouting pro-choicers on the Hill, while my friends saw the topless display. Then, going on the route, I missed a derogatory comment that a driver directed at my friend. The worst that I heard was that women got their rights in the 1980s…

  2. She was quite the sight! I was standing right next to the flame when she ‘popped up’ in all her ‘glory’. What a surprise! I was with a 90 year old lady who was part of our group that bused down from Mattawa. Her first response to was yell to the young woman: “Get down and get dressed before you catch a cold!!”

    I almost split a gut laughing! The demonstrator was prepared to be shouted down – but I don’t think she was ready for that. She didn’t know how to respond to a message of concern couched in a little ‘grandmotherly chastisement’!

    Fr. Tim

  3. What a contrast she must have been exposing herself as though to somehow shame everyone else present, and to justify her evil behavior. What a contrast between her and Father Tony Van Hee who for years has been in front of the Parliament Buildings quietly praying for abortions to end. What a contrast between a slave of Molloch and a servant of God. May God bless them both – for her repentance and conversion and Father for his persevering dedication to God’s laws.

  4. I was glad to know about this incident. I believe that everyone should know the difference between how we act in public and how the pro-abortion people act in public. They know that their position on killing children is wrong but they do not care, so that nothing is off limits for them. For us, we are praying that this evil will end. People in prayer do not act like Yahoos.

  5. In a way it was good for people to see how shallow these pro-aborts really are.
    Notice that the feminist and homosexual rallies always have to be about sex. That’s why they both are immature abnormal extremes.

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