Pro-Abort Canada On Video

Pro-aborters don’t discuss the issue calmly and rationally.

They do what this thug does:  threaten, intimidate, and try and destroy property. They simply have no self-control and hate anyone who has a different opinion than they do. 

They lash out like this, of course, because the truth of what they believe is hard to take, or – as is probable with this man in the video – they have been directly involved in an abortion somehow.

That’s the face of pro-abort Canada today: angry and violent.  Have they no shame?

Full story here.

2 thoughts on “Pro-Abort Canada On Video

  1. That guy did more to undermine the pro-choice movement than anything the pro-lifers were doing. I think every passer-by realized how creepy, intolerant and violent those abortion radicals can be.

  2. The pro-abort-guy will probably even not get charged with anything. If it was the other way around, any pro-lifer would’ve been charged with a fine plus jail time.

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