Prize Every Time

This past August I ventured to Lansdowne Park for the annual exhibition with my family. I’m sure many of my fellow so-cons know the drill: rides, rides, and more rides for the kids. Walking up and down the paths is no easy feat with 4 kids under the age of 9, but it does have its moments.

“Look ma! Four girls!”, the kid yells out.

“Shhhhh, honey, they’re not all theirs. It must be a daycare,” responds mother confidently.

After spending the day watching my little women travel the world on planes, trains, and automobiles, the missus and I decide to head back to the ranch with the youngins. But wait, the kids decide that it’s time to pry open Dad’s wallet one more time. As we pass by one of those “fishing venues”, the attendant screams out, “Prize every time!” Huh? Prize every time?! Man how things change. When I was a kid back in 1975, you had to draw blood to win anything.

Then again, the attendant merely repeated the mantra of the left in a slightly different way. It’s the “entitlement syndrome”

I’m entitled to:

1) Canadian citizenship even if I have barely lived in this country.
2) Security even though I oppose a strong defense or military action.
3) Redefine marriage so that it can fit my lifestyle.
4) Create and chattelize children through buying & selling of pregnancy.
5) Destroy human life so I can live as I wish.

This self-absorbed, narcisstic society is sinking very, very fast. And you have to wonder what the soldiers over in Afghanistan are fighting for. They are sacrificing for what exactly? Families, traditions, honour, decency? No. They’re sacrificing for a hedonistic West who supports a multi-billion dollar pornography industry, the wholescale slaughter of the unborn child, a vicious gay agenda which seeks to silence and destroy the lives of ordinary Canadians. And the list goes on and on.

The culture of self-entitlement demands its entitlements, but what people don’t seem to get is if you are taking more than you are giving in the moral sphere, you go bankrupt just like in the financial world.

Receiving a prize every time can only last so long.

One thought on “Prize Every Time

  1. Good post.

    When I see families with many kids, my first thought is: must be friends of the kids, or cousins. I ask “are they all yours?” If so, I always “that’s wonderful! You’re so blessed!”

    We need soldiers to kick terrorist butt. But we also need martyrs for peace. People willing to live their lives in a spirit of sacrifice, ready to be the victims, should it come to that. We are so devoid of any kind of philosophy or theology of suffering that we cannot fathom undergoing pain, loss or even death for the greater good.

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