Privatization of Faith & liberal hypocrisy

Speaking of the candidates, he offered these observations: “They had a private faith, but few public policies to correspond to it. They had Christian social principles, but no Christian policies to achieve them. Their ends were admirable, but their liberal means to accomplish them were pitiful.”

The forum, he continued, demonstrated the shallowness of the liberal candidates’ professed Christian beliefs.

“It seems to me that as I listened carefully, they claimed they wanted to make abortion more rare,” said Geisler; “but I noted that they rarely voted to do anything to make it more rare. In fact, they kind of chided us [conservative evangelicals] for wearing our faith on our sleeves, while most of them had their faith in their pockets.”



Good job, Norm. That’s a keeper: “faith in their pockets.”
These leftists are so disingenuous. They like to create these false and moronic distinctions between “religious” and “secular”, all the while refusing to acknowledge they practice their own state-man worship religion devoutly. Hypocrites.

And they have their own sacraments too.
Baptism – Contraception
Eucharist – Abortion
Confirmation – Leftist Degrees from Leftist Universities
Confession – Vicious Gossip through a Liberal Media
Marriage – Unionized Sodomy & Porn
Holy Orders – Secular Judges with their judicial impositions
Anointing of the Sick – Euthanasia

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