Print my views in your publication or else I’ll sic the HRC dogs on you

So, as you can see, very problematic. No one is contesting the fact that Maclean’s has the right to publish what they want, and they can continue to publish these sort of provocative articles if they wish. But, the issue is about the right of communities to participate in our national dialogue on issues that relate to them especially. And, in light of the fact that Canada that – you know, Maclean’s is Canada’s leading national news magazine – it has a social responsibility – and Maclean’s and other magazines, for instance, claim that they published what they published in the public interest, but the public interest lies in hearing a debate on these sort of controversial issues. (Source)


Let me get this straight.  You are demanding that a private publication conform to your editorial policies and justifying the intrusion of the State to ensure it. Is that right? 

Oh I get it.

So if we conservatives banded together and demanded that Islam Today(i.e. Globe & Mail or Toronto Star) be forced to have “balanced” coverage of any major social or political issue by appealing to the HRCs, you would be OK with that?  Or more to the point, would these left wing rags’ editors and publishers and READERS be OK with that?


But that’s the new tolerant Canada for you folks. One rule for the old white liberal media establishment. And another rule for us white conservative niggers.

See, the difference between the mullahkites and freedom-loving Canadians is that if we don’t agree with a particular slant of a publication, we FIND OTHER WAYS of getting the opposing opinion out into the public square. We don’t sic the HRC dogs on you.  We don’t go crying to Big Brother if our views are not presented by a Left-wing publication. 

It would be bad enough if there were limited Left-wing media outlets in this country, but the fact that there are many only shows that these professional victims have a Stalinist tendency to eradicate any editorial position which does not bend to the holy trinity of feminism, homosexualism, or islamism in Canada today. 

The fact that this thinking is rather predominant among the Left today only shows the very perilous position Canada is sinking into.

Remember, Mr. Lefty, your smirk today can quickly turn into a frown tomorrow if you are found to be over the line on the politically correct boundary. 

Today, it’s us. Tomorrow, it’s you.

Don’t cry when you had a chance to do something about it and didn’t. You won’t receive any sympathy from us.


The Islamic crescent flying over 10 Downing Street? You’d be surprised how quickly the question of what flag should fly over government buildings can become an issue. In 2005, Anne Owers, her Majesty’s chief inspector of prisons, banned the flying of the English national flag in English prisons on the grounds that it shows the cross of St. George, which was used by the Crusaders and so is offensive to Muslims. The Drivers and Vehicles Licensing Agency has also banned the English flag from its offices. So has Heathrow Airport. (Mark Steyn, America Alone, p.197)

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