Priests Will Be Targets Next

Louisiana’s Supreme Court has ruled that a priest may be compelled to testify as to what he heard in the confessional in 2008 concerning an abuse case. The priest, Fr Jeff Bayhi, faces automatic excommunication if he breaks the seal of the confessional. But he also could face jail if found to be in contempt of the court should he refuse to testify. (Source)

There goes the State again trying to impose itself on Religion.  The Catholic Church preceded all nation-states and Her doctrines and rules have served society very well. In fact, the boneheads who are trying to impose this seem to forget that the whole “client-solicitor” privilege between a lawyer and his client is based on the Catholic Church’s seal of the confessional.

But one good thing might come of it….we’re back to dark and anonymous confessionals where the priest does not get to hold your hand during “Reconciliation”.  That’s a bonus.

One thought on “Priests Will Be Targets Next

  1. Many of these problems find their source in Obama. Obama must be removed from office. His inner circle of career socialist politicians must be given the boot as well.

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