Future Priests Across from an Abortion Mill


There’s some serious spiritual ass kicking go on here.

Great hope for the Church.  This looks like an army.  This looks like a serious group of young men in uniform.

And get this: there’s not a single sandal in sight!  Looks like all black shoes to me.

I can hear the shrieks now.  Music to my ears.

6 thoughts on “Future Priests Across from an Abortion Mill

  1. That is an awesome and fearsome sight. When priests call upon the Lord exercising the authority of their priesthood, they do some serious damage.

  2. What an extraordinary sight! For a pro life veteran of 25 years, this is a long awaited sight – priests at the abortion mill. I’m sure it will do so much good for the movement! Would that every seminary in the country be inspired by this picture!

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