Priest in lesbian communion controversy no longer works with DC archdiocese

Hey, BarbI got one for you.  You can do both of us a favour.  Pick a Sunday some time soon, find out where Cardinal Wuerl is celebrating Mass, let the media know, and ratchet up the rhetoric.  Go for it and make a big brooohahahaha about your lifestyle and how “Catholic” you really are.  Then show up and receive Communion.  That should just about confirm what we already know about the girly men who run the Church today.

Of course, this will never happen – at least not any time soon.  Why would it?  The Archdiocese of Washington and probably the majority of American dioceses are offering some decent political and moral coverage for the LGBTXYZ community.  Best to pick off faithful Catholic priests one by one, and get the Gay-friendly chanceries to issue frothing apologies to the “victims” of “intolerance”, while effectively enlisting diocesan paid canon lawyers to hit the internet and brow-beat faithful Catholics who have a major problem with being in Communion with an open, unrepentant Lesbian Buddhist.

Only when the last faithful priest who refuses to tie himself into knots and pastoralize away the distribution of Communion to beligerent homosexualists is flushed away across the ocean will the target turn to the diocesan bureacrats themselves.  By that time, however, there won’t be any real men left in the priesthood, only fufters and yes men.  And then the jig will be up, while Catholics go underground.

Throughout this whole sordid affair, the Archdiocese of Washington conducted themselves in a disgraceful manner  – unbecoming of the responsibility given to them to uphold the respect and dignity owed to both the Priesthood of Jesus Christ and the Holy Eucharist.

The Archdiocese of Washington and the rest of the AmChurch ilk represent nothing less than a modern day Honorius.

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