Pride Mass Back On!

Yes, folks, it’s the story that just won’t go away.  I was originally not going to comment on this gay soap-opera again, but it looks like the Archdiocese of Boston and Cardinal O’Malley are going to let it slide.  No big surprise there, of course, considering his past encounters with Yo Yo.

Church leaders are ohoooooooooo so very careful and go to immense lengths to ensure the “homophobe” label does not stick on them.  They’re so consumed by it that they fail to condemn the sin as they should and denounce it as they should in clear and forceful language.  The problem with this approach is that you eventually get overrrun…like what’s happening in Boston, New York, and here in Ontario with our “Catholic” schools.  Wimps don’t win wars.  And we have a whole Episcopacy of wimps, except when they’re dealing with priests who actually preach the Gospel, then they become “champs”.  It’s not going to take a PhD to figure out how this whole saga is going to end up.

What would I do, if I was O’Malley?  Well, instead of closing parishes whose parishoners are good and holy people like he’s tried to do in the past, why not close up the Gay Churches?  That’s what I’d do.  Close them up and disperse the Rainbow.  End of story. Actually, that’s not quite the end of it. The end of it will be martyrdom for us…after a short foray in secret underground Churches, as Catholics hide in terror from the Homosexualist Jackboots.

Don’t kid yourself, folks, it’s a real possibility.  Look where we have come from to where we are now…all in just a few short years. 

Do the math and extrapolate.

3 thoughts on “Pride Mass Back On!

  1. The “homophobe” label was so successful, that the Ministry of Propaganda have now invented and are eagerly disseminating a brand-new one: “Heterosexism.”

    Yes folks, if you are determinedly hetero, you are guilty of a nasty form of sexism!. (Yikes! BITE ME!!)

  2. By the sounds of this we might as well stock up on provisions, means of self-defense, shelter, and hide. It seems we true (non-selling out) Catholics will become the new minority to hunt down, persecute, and maybe even murder.

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