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Petition turns to protest as YouTube reposts host desecration videos

8,201 people in 7 days have respectfully asked YouTube to remove videos that show the Holy Eucharist being desecrated, including one being flushed down a toilet.I strongly believe these videos violate YouTube’s hate policies. They are sacrilegious and demeaning to God, to Catholics and to the Roman Catholic faith.  At first, it seemed YouTube heard us. The videos were pulled yesterday morning. However, by the afternoon, the videos were back!

That’s why we’re turning our petition into a protest!

Please go here to send your NEW protest message to YouTube.

By YouTube seemingly resolved to give a platform to these host desecration videos, many Catholics will reasonably conclude they agree with these videos’ deep anti-Catholic bias. After all, it seems that YouTube has removed videos with content offensive to Jews and Muslims.

For example, a video showing a teenager urinating on the Holocaust memorial was pulled. So was the trailer to a Dutch documentary that claims that Islam inspires intolerance, murder and terror.

But videos with the Holy Eucharist being desecrated seem to be OK. In my opinion, this is a double standard. I know you will not accept this. And that is why I ask you to:

Send your NEW protest message to YouTube.

As I said, our petition has spread like wildfire – 18,201 people have signed on in just 7 days. Other Catholic sites and groups have joined us, which reminds me of the protest we did against e-Bay auctioning consecrated hosts online. We won that one! E-bay changed its policy and no longer facilitates the sale of consecrated hosts.

This victory spurs me to action, to reach out to millions more Catholics out of the one billion Catholics worldwide. Ultimately, I hope 100,000 people sign this new protest message to YouTube.

Will you help do it by passing on this message to your friends and family?

Thank you for helping. And if you like the work we’re doing please:

Go here to send a small gift to spread the YouTube protest to millions of Catholics.

Robert E. Ritchie

Executive Director

P.S. If you are happy with our efforts to stop the host desecration videos on YouTube, please consider giving a small contribution to America Needs Fatima.

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