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Catholics Evangelize with Popcorn [Oct.9.15]  

Ottawa father John Pacheco brought his five daughters and some members of the Legionnaires of St. Maurice, a men’s group he leads at his parish, to help out at the booth and to get ideas for their own evangelization projects. Pacheco said he wanted his kids and the men in his group to see “evangelization is a normal part of life” and not a “hard sell” where someone “presses a button and you put on your evangelization face.” “Most Catholics have never been involved in evangelization” he said. “We keep talking about the new evangelization, but nobody ever does anything. It’s all talk, talk, talk.” Helping out at the fair gives the men in his group a chance to see how people react. “It’s all about practice,” he said. Next year they might rent the booth next door and add some other elements, including music and a man dressed as a medieval knight to help spark questions and opportunities to talk about chivalry and Catholic moral teaching. (Source)

Homosexual parade rerouted to pass St. Patrick’s Basilica [Aug.28.15]  

A rerouting of Ottawa’s homosexual parade Aug. 23 took marchers past the front of St. Patrick’s Basilica, prompting some Catholics to mount a protest. The historic basilica is one of the busiest parishes in the archdiocese. One group of Catholics begged the mayor in an open letter to move the start of the parade from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. so as not to interfere with the noon Sunday Mass.  Social activist and blogger ( John Pacheco, who organized a 15,000-strong March for Marriage in 2005, urged men to gather in front of the basilica to pray the rosary with their backs turned to the parade. About 40-50 men and women arrived shortly before 1 p.m. and began to pray.  Pacheco said he decided to urge prayers to turn their backs because he was not sure whether there would be nudity in the parade. He also thought having backs turned would encourage those participating to pray rather than engage in any arguments or confrontations.  But Pacheco ended up in a confrontation with a member of St. Patrick’s Pastoral Council, who told him they were being provocative. Sheila Jones sought the assistance of the basilica’s pastor, Father Bosco Wong, who asked Pacheco to stop the sidewalk prayer. The priest invited them to come inside to pray.  Pacheco told the protestors to listen to their own consciences, but he was going to do as the priest wished and go inside. About 25 people followed him, while about 10-20 remained outdoors.  “I had no option,” said Pacheco in an interview. “If we went against the pastor, we lost. We would be a house divided.” Pacheco has recently founded a men’s group called the Legionnaires of St. Maurice to help men to lead virtuous lives as Catholics as fathers, husbands, and single men. “In the past, I’ve done my own thing as an activist,” he said. “When you start to lead any organization that claims to be Catholic, there are certain things you have to give up. You have to understand there’s a bigger team at play here.”  “Part of being a Catholic is to obey,” he said. “When what you are being asked to do something not objectively evil, even if you don’t agree with it, you have to obey.”  Though he found the experience humbling, he said his decision to go pray inside “was a better move from a spiritual point of view.” But Pacheco hopes the Archdiocese as a whole will address the rerouting of the Pride Parade. “As a Church community we have to address what Catholics are permitted to do, in light of the provocation in changing the route.”   (Source)

Faithful Catholics witness at Ottawa Pride while Catholic parish marches [Aug.25.15]  

One Catholic activist believes it shows a “schizophrenia” in the Catholic response to the traditionally lewd, loud, and raucous event that underscores a “greater question.” John Pacheco, founder of the Catholic men’s group the Legionnaires of St Maurice and organizer of Sunday’s public prayer witness, said this is: “What is the appropriate response of Catholics to a great evil, an evil that can destroy a society?”  And more specifically, how should the Catholic Church in Ottawa have dealt with the “provocation” of Capital Pride deciding to alter this year’s parade route to take it right past St. Patrick’s Basilica, he questioned. While the march – which in the past has featured semi-nudity and hyper-sexualized dancing – did not, as initially feared, interrupt the midday Mass, it was intentionally aimed at Catholics, Pacheco asserted. “You had a gay Jesus walking in the parade,” he told LifeSiteNews in a telephone interview. “They prepared with signs. One sign was ‘Stop faith-based bigotry.’” “So there’s premeditated stuff going on here. Pacheco’s own response, as he wrote August 24 on The Catholic Legate blog, was to issue an eleventh-hour call for public prayer, to which an estimated 50 people responded. But their intention to be a public witness was thwarted, according to Pacheco, when St. Patrick’s rector Father Bosco Wong, encouraged by parish council member Sheila Jones, told the group to pray inside the church. After confirming with Wong that this was a direct order, Pacheco decided obedience trumped all, and asked his people to comply, writing on his blog: “We were there to pray in reparation to Our Lord,” he wrote, “but also for the misguided and hurting souls who were seduced into the lie of the homosexual lifestyle.” An estimated twenty people chose to remain outside….Pacheco says he doesn’t recall Wong stating that if the people praying turned around to face the parade, they could stay. “Maybe he said that to me and it didn’t register. … I would have been very happy to do it. … It’s just a big misunderstanding.”  People had asked Pacheco what to do, and he advised that they initially start the rosary with their backs turned to the march “because we didn’t know what was coming” as far as nudity or scandalous conduct. “It was really more protection to the women who came and joined us as well. It’s a difficult place to be.” Pacheco says he understands why Wong did what he did. “He has an obligation to try and protect the parish, and it’s one of the reasons I acted the way I did. … At the end of the day, God’s going to reward obedience, I think.” At the same time, he finds it galling that in the end Catholics could not even stand on a public sidewalk and pray the rosary while “St. Joseph’s Catholic Church has a banner in the gay pride parade” and “there’s no canonical action against that.” In Pacheco’s view, this “trepidation, this fear of engagement, is very unhealthy. I don’t know how this schizophrenia that we as a church are adopting is furthering the Gospel.” Pacheco emphasized that “we want to share our faith” with the Pride marchers, “and say that God loves them, that He has a plan for them, and that their lifestyle is actually against their own dignity and that we’re not here to judge them but to help them see God’s saving love.” “We keep talking about the new evangelization, we keep talking ad nauseum about this idea that we need to dialogue with the culture,” he told LifeSiteNews, but “when we have an opportunity to do that, all of a sudden we have to hide and cower.” “At the end of the day, we all have to get real,” Pacheco said. “Maybe we just have to admit that we just don’t want to have any confrontation at all, and perhaps it’s just better that we fold up the tent and go home.” “At least that’s being honest.”…“Is this show going to be different or will it be another occasion to show how good we all are at capitulation?” wrote Pacheco in his blog, adding: “We need more troops on the ground and this issue needs to be raised at the highest levels of the Church here in Ottawa.” (Source)

Maryvale Academy celebrates 10th anniversary as private Catholic school [Feb.20.15]  

When the founders of Maryvale Academy launched their first academic year 10 years ago, the enrolment was so small the founders faced a $100,000 deficit. As the first treasurer and co-founder John Pacheco recounted in the program for Maryvale’s 10th anniversary fundraising Gala Jan. 31: “There was no business plan, but there were a few Catholics who were risk-takers, risk takers for God.” Two weeks before the start of school, the founders sat around a kitchen table having to finalize teachers’ contracts. They agreed each family would be “on the hook” for a portion of the deficit and they all signed. Pacheco said that somehow the money came in and the families did not have to pick up the debt….(Source)

For rapper set to perform at We Day Toronto, women are ‘b*tches’ and ‘whores’  [Sep.19.14]  

Parent John Pacheco, who blogs at, told LifeSiteNews that the invite indicates a “massive moral vacuum” among the top leadership of the organization. “Moral vacuums are not left unfilled very long, and when they are filled in this culture, they are filled with sexual filth. We’re tired of this garbage. When will the adults stand up?” (Source)

Free the Children manager resigns after report on his work as gay stripper  [Aug.25.14]  

John Pacheco, parent and outspoken social conservative who blogs at, said that a charity that defends an employee who has a public life as a gay stripper has no place in Catholic school boards. “Catholic school boards should take swift and immediate action to remove Free the Children as a partner,” he told LifeSiteNews. “If not, they are ultimately sending the message that as long as you are ‘helping the poor,’ you can eschew personal holiness and sanctity and engage in raunchy and immoral behavior, outside of work hours.” “Such a false dichotomy has no place in Catholic schools,” he said.  (Source)

Ontario Catholic schools criticized for using pro-Planned Parenthood Marc Kielburger in promo video  [Jan.29.14]  

Any group purporting to represent the Catholic Faith must not support, or be seen to support, pro-abortion and abortion providers like Planned Parenthood,” he told Pacheco said that the Catholic school system is at a crossroad because of the “disastrous effect” contraception and abortion has had on enrollment numbers. “The only way the Catholic system can exist is to offer something and produce something distinctly superior — in moral character and spiritual character — than what the public system is doing.  And ‘We Day’ is not going to cut it, and nor is all of the safe exercises in philanthropy,” he said. Pacheco said a Catholic system should be “completely faithful to its mission and its identity” and not compromise on its fundamental beliefs. “If they want to be like everyone else, then what’s the point of having a separate system? Nominal Catholicism doesn’t work and it won’t survive,” he said. (Source)

Canadian pro-lifers weigh in on Tory MP’s new democratic reform bill [Dec.4.13]

Harper rejected the candidacy of outspoken social conservative John Pacheco, organizer of the 15,000-strong March for Marriage on Parliament Hill in 2005, during the Ottawa West nomination that same year in a move to protect the party’s preferred candidate John Baird, a staunch proponent of homosexual ‘marriage’. Pacheco, an unflinching pro-life advocate who runs the blog Socon or Bust, welcomed the news of Chong’s bill. “Since the political culture in Ottawa is firmly rooted in the culture of death, any structural change that lessens its grip and gives more influence and leverage to the pro-life movement and pro-life MPs is a good thing,” he told “Time and time again, whether it’s abortion, gay ‘marriage’, or euthanasia, we see that the people are against these totalitarian and destructive ideologies, yet the political class and the power-brokers behind the scenes ram it through anyway.” Pacheco sees the bill as benefiting the political effort to protect unborn life. “It stands to reason that anything we can do to saturate government’s power is a good thing for the pro-life movement. This measure and any others like it should be strongly backed by people who value family and life,” he said. (Source)

Parliament ‘Hill Cam’ does not lie, reveals larger numbers at 2013 March for Life [May.15.13]

“It’s getting bigger every year. I give it about 5-7 years or even less before we cover the grounds completely and start overflowing on to the streets,” wrote John Pacheco on his blog Socon or Bust on the day of the march. Pacheco has captured and analyzed “Hill Cam” shots of the March for Life for the past three years….Pacheco is convinced that the increasing numbers at the pro-life rally indicate a shift taking place across the country that favors life. He believes that such a shift taking place makes it inevitable that abortion will one day be overturned in Canada. “Right now, the momentum is shifting. Right now, our numbers are growing. Right now, their numbers [abortion advocates] are aging,” he said. …Pacheco said that abortion advocates are having trouble keeping their numbers up. About 100 abortion advocates, what amounts to roughly one abortion advocate to every 125 pro-lifers, counter protested at the pro-life event in a small corner of the Hill that had been sectioned-off with metal barricades by police. The counter protest area this year was a fraction of the size it had been the previous year when police had sectioned-off a third of the Parliament grounds for only 75 abortion advocates. Pacheco said that despite the pro-life shift that is emerging, mainstream media, many politicians, and abortion advocates refuse to acknowledge the change that is happening. “They see some of the surface changes, but they don’t see the fundamental changes happening which will eventually transform how this country views abortion. In their own self-righteousness and pride, our opponents do not expect any real change is coming.” Pacheco said that it’s just a matter of time before the pro-life movement overcomes opposition. “Once you catch the momentum, it’s very hard to reverse course. Right now, on the abortion issue, the momentum is on our side. We’ve got it all. And there’s no stopping us, either,” he said. (Source)

Catholics urged to make foreign aid a priority [Nov.7.12]

Radio Canada said and the blog had been engaged in a three-year campaign against CCODP, with a series of stories on CCODP-funded projects with agencies it called pro-abortion. It contrasted teachings on sexual morality and abortion with those of social justice” (Source)

Catholics urge Vatican Cardinal to skip dissenting conference on Vatican II [July.24.12]

Pro-life activist John Pacheco has launched an online petitionto Canada’s nuncio, Archbishop Pedro López Quintana, asking that he ensure Cardinal Turkson is aware of the speakers’ controversial views. It has 240 signatures so far. “We would hope that a Cardinal of the Church and representative of His Holiness would avoid an occasion of scandal which would be caused by his appearance and participation,” it reads….“I think we’re at a point in the Church where the laity really need to make their voices heard,” Pacheco told LifeSiteNews. “Faithful Catholics who are loyal to the Magisterium need to have their concerns acted on by the hierarchy – no matter what the cost.” (Source)

Only 70% of D&P donations go to Third World: MoneySense [May.15.12]

But John Pacheco of the SoCon or Bust blog, whose research has helped expose the fact that many of D&P’s third world partners are pro-abortion, says much of the educational budget is not in fact about poverty or disaster relief. “It’s about disseminating propaganda for the latest chique social justice cause like global warming to ‘help cool the earth’, promoting anti-mining hysteria, or scaling back the advances in farming to some kind of agrarian, luddite fantasy. These are harder causes to sell to Canadian Catholics,” he explained. Pacheco also balked at the high grade given to D&P for transparency given that they have failed to reveal their full list of Third World partners for over two years, even going to court to stop’s access to information request. According to MoneySense, the transparency grade is based strictly on D&P’s disclosure of financial statements, which are available on their website. (Source)

Sex exhibition aimed at teens set to open in Ottawa museum [May.15.12]

…Conservative blogger John Pacheco of Socon or Bust is urging concerned people to call or email the museum’s acting director, Luc Fournier. “As a scientific exhibit, the museum has irresponsibly represented moral issues as scientific fact,” Pacheco wrote. “Nowhere does this exhibit express a Christian perspective of sexuality, that of procreation within marriage, never mind the fact that many of us find contraception, masturbation and homosexuality to be gravely, morally offensive, … topics which are highlighted in this exhibit.” “We urge you to send an email to Luc Fournier at to file a complaint about this exhibit and forward this email to friends and family. The museum needs to hear that we don’t want our children exposed to this!” (Source)

Développement et Paix : une nouvelle controverse renaît des braises de 2009 [Apr.9.11]

…Moreover, calls for a protest against Fr. Arriaga had been issued on the Internet, but no more than a dozen protesters were expected. The polemic had grown primarily because of the blog SoCon or Bust, known for its vitriolic statements, and the site called LifeSiteNews, one of the most virulent in the country when it comes to criticizing everything that seems to depart from the moral positions of the Catholic Church.” (Source: Radio Ville-Marie)

Ottawa 40 Days for Life Off to a Great Start [Sep.23.09]

Addressing the need for courage to witness to life, Pacheco said, “We must pray for courage and resolve in these days to witness to a brutal and lost world. And we must prepare ourselves to know that victory will not come without sacrifice. We deceive ourselves if we think that it will. But if we trust in God and avail ourselves of His Grace to stand, he will deliver us from evil. He will deliver this country from abortion.” Pacheco encouraged those about to begin the vigil not to underestimate the value of their sacrifice and said that even the smallest effort to witness to life bore real fruit. “Do not think that your contribution in this work is minor or insignificant. In the light of eternity, I assure you it is multiplied a million fold,” he said. (Source)

Calls for Explanation after Paper’s Second Apology for Harper Communion Flap Fabrication [Sept.15.09]

Following the Telegraph-Journal’s initial apology, CTV Ottawa bureau chief Robert Fife reported a tip indicating that the Liberals had fed the ‘pocketing’ story to Jamie Irving. The Irvings, in fact, are long-time supporters of the Liberal party. “So what happened?” asked Fife. “Well, I’m told that the Liberals passed the story to young Jamie Irving who was the publisher of the paper. He passed it to the editor who put it in the paper without checking it out.” Numerous conservative bloggers suggested at the time that the Liberals may have pushed the story through the paper for political advantage in order to cause division between the PM and Catholics. Harper has been successful in courting the Catholic vote, which, according to one study, delivered in May, contributed significantly to his election wins. In light of this new apology, some commentators are again calling for an explanation, not only from the Liberal party, but also from Jamie Irving. “If the Telegraph-Journal is really serious about their ‘apology’,” writes conservative blogger John Pacheco, “let them compel their publisher, Mr. Irving, to tell the whole truth about this sordid and scandalous affair.” (Source)

Photographic Evidence of Pro-Abortion Group Funded by Canadian Bishops’ Development Arm [Apr.23.09]

The photos of the March 8th Women’s Collective, which were first published by Canadian pro-life and pro-family activist John Pacheco on his Socon or Bust blog, show signs posted within the building advocating the legalization of abortion. According to Pacheco, the eyewitness who took the photos, whom he has spoken to directly, traveled to Nicaragua within the last year on a “faith-based education trip.” One of the projects that she visited on that trip was that of 8 de Marzo (see original blog post at Pacheco says his source, who wishes to remain anonymous and whom he calls “Conchita,” was taken to an office of 8 de Marzo, which includes a clinic capable of doing gynecological exams. The participants were then given a talk by the director of the clinic, Luz Marina Torres, who stated that 8 de Marzo supports the legalization of abortion in Nicaragua and had been involved in campaigns to prevent the passage of the nation’s current pro-life penal code, which punishes all abortions except for those necessary to save the life of the mother. (Source)

Ottawa 40 Days for Life Wraps Up: It’s Just the Beginning Say Organizers [Nov.3.08]

John Pacheco of 40 Days for Life was thrilled with the campaign’s results. He reflected on how 750 people helped hold a 960-hour continuous vigil in front of the Morgentaler abortuary on Bank Street in Ottawa, helping change the hearts of hundreds of men and women and literally saving the lives of at least three babies. “Over the last 40 days, some 750 vigilers braved the rain, wind, cold, snow, and sleepless nights to witness to the Dignity of the unborn,” recounted Pacheco. “Some of us were violently assaulted; and many of us were verbally abused. But we did not return the insult and we didn’t raise our hand. We remained in solidarity with the unborn in their silent holocaust, and, as a result, the sacred cows of the pro-abortion propaganda were exposed. Many people were touched and a few were converted.”While the tangible statistics of the campaign give great hope to the pro-life crowd, Pacheco believes the best is yet to come: “While I was praying outside the Mill around 2AM on Saturday morning (and accompanied by at least 12 other people), I got the strange sense that while we shook things up at the Mill while we were there over the last 40 days, the final boot is going to fall now that the campaign is over.” Pacheco believes that with some dedication and extra funding, 40 Days for Life can become a 365 day per year event in many Canadian cities. (Source)

Bishops working on marriage, family statement [Aug.29.08]

Humanae Vitae was issued on July 25, 1968. Its reaffirmation of the ban on contraception was largely unexpected and the encyclical was severely criticized in some church quarters. Two months later, at their annual plenary, the Canadian bishops issued a statement of support for the encyclical. Known as the Winnipeg Statement, because the plenary was held in Winnipeg, the statement itself was criticized because of one paragraph on the primacy of conscience. Critics argued that this paragraph gave dissenters the permission they desired to ignore church teaching. Over the decades, some Catholics have continued to call upon the bishops to revoke the Winnipeg Statement. One such group, called the Rosarium, conducted a petition last spring in which it again called on the bishops to revoke their statement. It gathered about 1,750 individual signatures, according to John Pacheco, one of the two men who lead the group. Pacheco said he has sent letters to every bishop who leads a Latin rite parish in the country, informing them of his request. (Source)

Humanae Vitae receives new respect 40 years later [Aug.05.08]

Prendergast admitted, however, he is not sure how prepared most people are to rethink their views on contraception. “I hope they would,” he said. Social conservative activist John Pacheco is critical of the Canadian bishops’ Winnipeg statement that said Catholics who “have tried sincerely but without success to pursue a line of conduct in keeping with the given directives . . . may be safely assured that, whoever honestly chooses that course which seems right to him does so in good conscience.”Pacheco has created an online petition to urge the Canadian bishops’ to retract the Winnipeg statement, which was released shortly after Humanae Vitae as a response to the encyclical. (Source)

Canadian Catholics Ask Bishops to Retract Winnipeg Statement [Mar.18.08]

John Pacheco, a director of The Rosarium and a Catholic political and social activist, remarked that the time has come for the Bishops to reconsider the Winnipeg Statement.”We are approaching the 40 year anniversary of the legalization of both contraception and abortion in Canada in 2009,” Pacheco told “We can no longer fool ourselves into thinking that contraception has not played an enormous role in the break down of the family unit these past forty years. It’s not a coincidence that once contraception was legalized with abortion in May 1969, the precipitous fall of the family followed thereafter. It’s time for all Catholics to reflect on how the Church was right and the Culture was wrong. For lay Catholics, that means tossing the condoms and the pills and for the Canadian bishops it means repenting of a treacherous document.” (Source)

Canada Goosed [Jan.9.08]

John Pacheco, a Catholic activist in Ottawa who during the same-sex “marriage” debate organized a 15,000-20,000 person protest on Parliament Hill, said the Steyn case shows the potential scope of Canada’s hate-speech laws and human rights tribunals.”The human rights tribunals in Canada, both at the federal and provincial levels, were originally established to provide some relief for employment and housing injustices,” he said. But “if they can bring down popular international commentators like Mark Steyn, what is to become of the rest of us?” said Mr. Pacheco, who is organizing an online petition in support of Mr. Steyn, called Free Mark Steyn. (Source)

Complaints against Maclean’s raise censorship concerns [Jan.4.08]

Catholic and social conservative activist John Pacheco shares Benson’s concerns. “Mark Steyn is probably most popular conservative commentator in the world. If he can be attacked, it does not bode well for freedom of speech for Canadians.” Pacheco has launched an online petition, asking the prime minister and provincial premiers to suspend human rights commissions until there is an impartial review to make sure freedom of speech is protected. “We consider many complaints launched through so-called ‘human rights commissions’ to be political tools to shut down dissent and uphold politically correct thought and opinion,” the petition at states. “In particular, we note the inordinate number of successful cases brought against conservatives and, in particular, Christians.” Pacheco pointed out that Steyn is a Christian, and that there has been a litany of human rights complaints against Christians in recent years, mostly for alleged homophobia or discrimination against homosexuals. (Source)

A New Generation of FCP Candidates Tackles Abortion [Dec.15.07]

“I consider abortion the central issue of our time”, he says, “And yet it’s a subject that is least discussed. So I wanted to make it an issue.” Thus he commissioned 36 three-by-four foot signs. The full-colour signs featured the standard FCP election sign on one side, and a picture of a 20-week old child in the womb on the other….(Source)

2007 Ontario Provincial Election [Sep.27.07]

“…On that issue, Mr. Hyde shares common ground with social conservative activist John Pacheco, who is running for the Family Coalition Party. Mr. Pacheco is a 38-year-old financial adviser who gained prominence two years ago for his role in opposing same-sex marriage. The co-founder of a private Catholic school in Ottawa, Mr. Pacheco says the Conservative’s funding plan for faith-based schools does not reflect the will of most social conservatives.”Private education exists because parents don’t want the government to say what they can or can’t teach. We also don’t want controls on who these schools can hire.” (Source)

Conservative Leader John Tory: Evolution Must be Taught in Science Class; Creation only for Religion Classes [Sep 6.07]

Conservative Leader John Tory’s election promise to give public funding to faith-based schools began to unravel at the seams yesterday as he spoke about evolution in the classroom. Asked by a radio interviewer if creation would be permitted to be taught in the classroom, Tory replied, “The Christian-based school would have to teach the Ontario curriculum, which of course has a different explanation. It’s still called the theory of evolution, but they teach evolution in the Ontario curriculum, but they could also mention to children the fact that there are other theories out there that are part of some Christian beliefs.”st teach the Ontario curriculum. 3.) Mr. Tory’s proposal would allow creationism to be discussed only as part of religious studies programming, as is now the practice in Ontario’s publicly-funded Catholic schools.”…Dalton McGuinty, on the other hand, says he wants to leave the situation stand as it is. As he told a conference of municipal delegates, “You don’t improve a community’s schools, you don’t build community when you take half a billion (dollars) out of publicly funded schools to fund private religious schools as the Conservatives are promising to do.” Commenting on the situation, John Pacheco, political activist and former Director of Finance of a private Catholic school told, “Once the Catholic school system accepted money, it made it easier for secular ideology to creep into the schools. As soon as we allow the government to dictate what curriculum to use, they can withdraw funding if we don’t meet the standards.” Pacheco, who is also running in the upcoming provincial election in Ottawa West Nepean, will be highlighting the Family Coalition Party’s voucher system proposal as an alternative to John Tory’s plan. Under the FCP plan the parents’ education tax dollars would follow their child to the school of their choice, which would include homeschooling. (Source)

Family Coalition Party Candidate Running to Bring Pro-Life Message to the People [Aug 23.07]

As the October 10 Ontario provincial election approaches, candidates from various parties are readying themselves to embark on their campaigns. One such candidate in the riding of Ottawa West Nepean is John Pacheco, the organizer of the huge Parliament Hill rally for traditional marriage in 2005. Pacheco is running for the Family Coalition Party, the only provincial party which is 100% pro-life and pro-family. A competent professional in the world of finance and happily married father of four children, Pacheco has no illusions of gaining a large number of votes in the riding. “I’m not going to win this election that’s for sure,” he told in an interview today. However, he stated, “if elected I will certainly take my responsibilities seriously but I am under no illusions. We have to take the means legally available to us to get out the pro-life message.” For him, the main purpose of running is to raise the pro-life issue in the public sphere while he campaigns as a legitimate political candidate. An “educational campaign for life,” is how he characterizes it. That campaign will be very clear and visible come September 10, the official launch of campaigning in Ontario. Pacheco has developed signs he plans to use for the election which are basically large pro-life ads. Those signs will blanket the riding if Pacheco can raise the funds he needs and secure the volunteers required to put up the signs. “We’ve got to take advantage of every opportunity that we can to promote the pro-life cause,” Pacheco told He explained that political contributions up to the first $336 are 75% tax refundable. Thus, he says its “government funded advertising for the pro-life cause”, just as the other parties use their funds to promote their very specific main agenda items. (Source)

Abolish Abortion wins top spot in CBC Wish list [July 5.07]

The wish to Abolish Abortion in Canada topped the CBC’s Great Canadian Wish List on Facebook with 9,543 votes. But many pro-life voters, looking forward to promised Canada Day coverage of the winning wish on the CBC’s all-news network Newsworld, were disappointed. “I was looking throughout the day,” said John Pacheco, a Catholic and Ottawa-based director of Social Conservatives United. He tuned into Newsworld every 15 minutes on July 1 to catch the newscast. “If it was some kind of progressive cause like the environment or tuition fees, they would have been all over it.” Pacheco discovered the CBC did air a report by Toronto CBC television reporter Mike Wise at 7:35 a.m. Eastern time. Though not accessible from the CBC website, someone uploaded the report to You Tube. Pacheco provides a link at his blog…. “It’s a solid victory because whether the CBC wants to admit it or not, they had to cover it,” said Pacheco. “It shakes up their assumption about where so-called Canadian values are.” (Source)

Bloggers Trump Mainstream Media With YouTube Videos of Canadian March for Life [May.17.07]

Blogger and social conservative political activist John Pacheco at the blog “So-Con or Bust” wrote of the disgust of most pro-life Canadians with the apparently deliberate blackout regularly afforded the March and other pro-life events. Calling it “shameful”, Pacheco wrote, “Here we go again.” “Sooner or later,” Pacheco wrote, “whether they realize it or not, the MSM’s editors and news reporters are going to be the object of scorn and derision (that) future generations will heap on what our illuminated ones like to call ‘journalism’.”He called on bloggers and others at the event to record the march and post the videos on the hugely popular website, YouTube and to their own sites. The result is a series of videos showing the crowd unquestionably to be at several times the 1500 estimated by the CBC and the young age of the great majority of the marchers. (Source)

Canadian National Paper – National Post – Covers Abortion on Front Cover Draws attention to National March for Life in Ottawa this week [May.7.07]

Another pro-life blogger, John Pacheco is suggesting a by-pass on the mainstream media by “youtube-ing” the March for Life. “Bring your video cameras and video everything and anything about the March. Record the speakers. Record the crowd . . . get a good shot of the crowd. Interview the marchers. Have some questions prepared. Interview the media people there. Swarm the reporters and ask them why they refuse to cover abortion in Canada,” suggests Pacheco. “THEN UPLOAD YOUR VIDEOS TO YOUTUBE.” (Source)

Conservative Party of Canada Rejects Nomination Bid of Well Known BC Social Conservative [Feb.9.07]

Heather Stilwell is a familiar name in the Newton-North Delta riding of British Columbia where she was aiming to run as a candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada in the next federal election. Stilwell is one of the longest currently serving trustees on the Surrey School Board, having been first elected in 1990 and since then re-elected four times. From 1996 to 1999 she served as Chair of the Surrey School Board. Previously, this mother of eight children was the founding president of a local Merchants’ Association, and ran a small business in Surrey. But those strong credentials did not stop the Party brass in Ottawa from cutting off her attempt to run for the nomination. Prior to launching her campaign to become the Conservative nominee, Stilwell was warned that the Party would not allow her to run due to her history as a prominent advocate for the right to life and the traditional family. …Pacheco, who received similar treatment from the Conservatives in 2005, told, “It only goes to show that the Conservative Party of Canada continues to treat social conservatives like the proverbial whipping boy. This is all very troubling because almost everywhere in the Western world today, Christians and other social conservatives are being pushed into the closet and their role in public life is being discouraged. If Mr. Harper is truly a Christian like he purports to be, then he has to stop allowing this outrageous muzzling of our right to participate in the political process. It’s time to remove the muzzle, Mr. Harper.” (Source)

Canadian BlogBursts Focus on Tories For Ordering Candidates to Refuse Questionnaires [Dec.01.06]

John Pacheco at So-Con or Bust, warned Stephen Harper that if he did not “let the democratic process play out” the Conservatives could face the same kind of turn-around as the US Republicans suffered on November 7th. “…for some inexplicable reason, he turns from blue to yellow when it comes to standing up for basic free speech on the question of abortion,” Pacheco wrote. (Source)

Pro-marriage forces press for more study on same-sex ‘marriage’ impact on children [Oct.26.06]

While the National Marriage Caucus event was dominated by evangelicals, several Catholics took part, including John Pacheco who organized the largest March for Marriage on Parliament Hill in the spring of 2005. He has set up a new group called Social Conservatives United. Also present were Diane Watts of REAL Women, Luc Gagnon of Campagne Quebec-Vie, a provincial wing of Campaign Life Coalition, and Jean-Morse Chevrier of the Catholic Parents’ Association of Quebec. Gagnon is also editor of Égards, a French-language “journal of conservative resistance. (Source)

Blog Burst on the Court Challenges Program [Oct.17.06]

Ottawa (CP) – “And they have mounted fierce public-relations campaigns against government programs that later wound up being axed or downsized, including the Court Challenges Program — a fund that paid for legal challenges that won new rights for women, minorities, the disabled, and gays and lesbians since the 1970s.” (Source)

In Ottawa Faith Makes A Leap To The Right [Sept.23.06]

“Ms. Kryskow received start-up advice from the National House of Prayer, which opened its doors in 2005 with the idea that “the key to restore godliness in our land is to pray fro all those in authority.” Among her other new neighbours are the Institute of Marriage and Family, Social Conservatives United, and the Institute for Canadian Values.”(Globe & Mail, F6-F7, Christopher Dreher)

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