Press keeps March for Life going and going

Read this transcript of CBC TV Program “Politics” – May 16, 2007 over the whole March for Life WordMark flap.

My goodness. This comical episode rivals the greatest Shakespearen tragedy. How these baffoons keep running away and running to the abortion issue is so foolish.

It’s like the Wizard of Oz: “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.”

Nevermind the elephant in the room.

I found this statement by Ruby quite amusing and ironic.

Ruby Dhalla, Ont. Liberal MP : You know, if they wanted the issue to go away, I don’t know why Vic Toews or the Prime Minister couldn’t issue a letter saying they weren’t aware of this. I mean, this is really reflective I think of the Conservative track record, where they have attacked the most vulnerable in our society, whether it’s women, whether it’s dealing with the aboriginal communities, or whether it’s dealing with those that are poor, this government has not stood up to be a strong voice. And when it comes to the issue of women Don, I have to say one of the first acts of this government of Stephen Harper was to remove the word “equality” of
the status of women mandate and having, you know, the Government of Canada logo at this march is just a reflection of the government’s attitude.

Reality check for Ruby. Who the hell do you think the unborn children are if not the MOST vulnerable?

How these people passed Coherence 101 is beyond me. Still, any press on the March for Life only seeks to highlight abortion. Keep going guys because after awhile you need to address the substance of the debate.

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