+ Prendergast Supports Pope’s Anti-Marxist Position

Jesuit Archbishop Terrence Prendergast of Ottawa told Canadians last week that while the new pope is all about ‘social justice’, it may not be the flavor of social justice that people associate with Latin America.

Prendergast said that former Cardinal Bergoglio, as the Argentinean Provincial at that time, took a “very strong stance that the Jesuits should stay out of political issues and certainly not take up the liberationist theology.” (Source)

Well, done, your Grace.  Now it’s time to turn around and take a good, long look at Development & Peace.  It’s not enough to simply extol the Pope.  As Jesus says, “Go and do the same.”  D&P has lots of problems….not just its pro-abortion-pushing partners.

4 thoughts on “+ Prendergast Supports Pope’s Anti-Marxist Position

  1. Leaving Pope Francis and his history out of this comment, +Prendergast is repeating information that anyone can find on the internet. Likely, he was queried only because he is a Jesuit, as is the pope. And the Jesuits here in Canada have for a long time been a good friend of liberation theology.

    The evidence, to me, convincingly demonstrates that the Abp. of Ottawa is someone who goes with the flow, he isn’t someone that goes against the stream, despite the aura of orthodoxy.

    For example, the Arriaga block was done only because forces/information on the outside became too overwhelming and incontrovertible. This is not someone who takes actions on his own initiative when matters become “too specific”, so to speak, or when tension arises. That’s too uncomfortable.

    This is why you will see him happily posing in photographs with two heretics at the SPU conference – two heretics at the very conference for which you started a petition. This is one reason is why your V2 conference was disallowed. And this is another reason why soonafter he was at another V2 conference with colleague Michael Attridrige, one of the editors of the book the archbishop is holding in the afore-linked photographs.

    We’re not the right people, Paycheck. Catholic-lite, OK – unashamedly Catholic, no way.

    So my humble advice would not to have any expectations with regard to +Prendergast tackling D+P controversy or any other matter needing resolution. Only disappointment awaits. It’s been 3-4 long years since the D+P controversy and he hasn’t stuck he neck out, no Canadian bishop really has, save one in Pembroke, and this only by halting donations from pewsitters.

    My reasonable guess is that Abp. Prendergast must feel quite relaxed and relieved that Pope Francis is a Jesuit, as this aspect will be a kind of escape hatch for him in the future.

  2. As we researched D&P over the years, it became quite clear that the organization has deep Marxist roots, as do many of its partners.

  3. TH2, I’ve basically thrown in the towel with all of the Bishops of this country.

    I don’t have any more faith or trust in any of them.

    There’s only so much deferral a man can take. I can’t go indefinitely believing something that will never happen.

    And, frankly, it’s probably going to take another 40 years before this thing gets cleaned up.

    • Thank you for responding. I agree, it’s a dead end when it comes to the Canadian bishops.

      Still, I think that, despite this situation, we shouldn’t be inhibited from exposing the heresy, corruption, and the trickle-down-effects therefrom, that originate from the Magic Circle. Not just for the benefit of laymen Catholics on ground level, but most importantly, for priests. There are alot of good, discerning priests out there outside of both the spotlight and the Magic Circle who are well aware of the BS dished out by the CCCB, chancery offices, diocesan newspapers, etc. Many of whom, I am sure, read your blog. If we can assist them, in whatever minimal way, by furnishing them with other data and opinions, then that would be a good thing.

      Moreover, it should be borne in mind that it’s not just not just the Modernist/liberal/progressives, but a certain cadre of wishy-washy, “conservative” Catholics who emulate Orthodoxy, holding certain key positions that need to be identified. Opinion columnists, self-appointed “experts”, “think tanks”, etc, who like to direct the narrative, also acting as a shield for the bishops. They will not be explicit/specific about corruption and apostasy inside the establishment church, for reasons of money, party invites, lukewarmness, personal relationships. They need to be challenged as well and any counter-charge of “negativity”, “uncharity”, etc. must be laughed off for the unjustified joke it is. The Magic Circle is comprised of both the Modernists and these mushy conservative Catholic types. They all associate with one another and will watch each eachother’s backs.

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