+Prendergast: Ontario sex ed curriculum threatens parents’ right to judge ‘immoral’ material

“We know that the proposed program threatens the fundamental right of parents to educate their children in the moral dimension of sexual behaviour,” the archbishop told supporters of Maryvale Academy at the private Catholic school’s 10th anniversary fundraising gala Jan. 31. “Mandatory instruction in the classroom will prevent parents from protecting their children from material they could judge age-inappropriate or immoral.”


“If experience is any guide, and from early indications, the government’s program contains material that contradicts Catholic moral principles,” the archbishop said. (Source)

I must say, I’m proud of how Archbishop Prendergast has spoken out against Wynne’s new curriculum. May God bless him.

4 thoughts on “+Prendergast: Ontario sex ed curriculum threatens parents’ right to judge ‘immoral’ material

  1. Former Christian Democracies as Canada who now politically pervert school children using adult school teachers,and homosexual etc.,activists, by government decree have become politically diabolical.In democracies the peoples political apathy and indifference is responsible for this slide back into the tenets of Pagan Greece and Pagan Rome.

    The righteous Priesthood, and voting publics political unity and organization can democratically, and legally end this evil indoctrination of children.Christian Democracies were slowly righting wrongs as their Worldview demanded,but the so-called neutral Secular Pagans convinced the Courts, Political Parties,and Education Establishments that so-called “neutral” Secular Paganism is a better and more beneficial Political,Legal and Educational worldview.Roman Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity from Paganism about the year 307,before this Christians were persecuted by Government decree because of their worldview.Christianity being more benevolent than Paganism thus became the State Sanctioned Worldview of Western Civilization.

    Starting in 1962 this so-called “neutral” Secular variety of Paganism became the State Sanctioned Worldview-Religion of Western Civilization.Western Schools started indoctrinating school children from Kindergarten through University in the tenets of Secular Paganism using adult school teachers.Thus many Canadians are in the same position today as the proverbial frog in the pot.The temperature has been turned up ever so gradually over the years,by so-called “neutral”Democratic Secular Paganism in Government,Law,Schools and Entertainment,that the poor Canadian sot doesn’t even know his goose is cooked.

    My Canadian and Western contemporaries started every school morning with The Lord’s Prayer, led by their school teachers in Canada and The Christian West,because of our parents,grandparents,the voting public and The Royal Priesthood.The neutrality of Democratic Secular Paganism is political nonsense.

    • Sex education in The Traditional Christian values sense is wholesome after the process of dating,courtship,and then marriage,but so-called “neutral” Secular Kinsey Sex Education perverts children from Kindergarten through University,thus further Paganizing Western Civilization.Dr.Alfred C. Kinsey’s so-called scientific thesis backed by The Rockefeller Foundation money allowed Kinsey to declare in his thesis “Outlet Sex” that “neutral” Secular Science placed all sexual acts on the same moral,social and biological level whether in or out of wedlock,between people of the same sex or opposite sex,or when sex involved children or animals.The Deans of our Universities bought into this nonsense hook line and sinker,with hands extended for Rockefeller Foundation money approved by Alan Gregg of The Medical Sciences,Rockefeller Foundation,New York City.

      This so-called “neutral” Secular science perversion spread like wildfire through Western Civilizations Higher Education Establishments.This did not occur in a Political or legal vacuum.Politics is overwhelmingly important in Democracies,as the politicians elected pass Bills into law that everyone has to live by.Thus the statement Politics Is The Reflection Of Society.Do you like your reflection?Can you fool Mother Mary or Lord Christ? Many even ones calling themselves Priests,Pastors or Christian Scholars seem to believe they can.

      Now all children are perverted in former Christian Countries by adult school teachers,homosexual activists and Lesbian Premiers.My contemporaries in Canada and Western Civilization started every school morning with The Lord’s Prayer,and The Ten Commandments were on Government House,Court House and School House Walls,and in the majorities hearts and minds.Now Government,Law,Schools and “neutral”Secularism uses The Living Tree Evolving Society interpretation in Government,Law,Education and Entertainment. The Worldview-Religion of so-called “neutral”Secular Paganism has taken even Democratic Western Civilization back politically to the tenets of Pagan Greece and Pagan Rome through The Education Establishments.
      Political unity is needed by righteous democratic citizens to take our Civilization for good.Will they do it?

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