+Prendergast: No Meat on Fridays During Lent

Archbishop Terence Prendergast has decreed that all Catholics in Ottawa – clergy, religious and laity – must abstain from meat on Fridays during Lent. Catholics will no longer be allowed to replace abstinence with another form of penance during Lent. His letter on this subject can be found here.

This is a great move. We Catholics have been way too skimpy on penance for several decades and it shows in our lack of personal spiritual growth and detachment from the world. Aside from our views on abortion and homosexuality, we’re so similar to the surrounding culture that people can’t tell the difference. We need to strive for something higher and act as though we really believe that this world is just a temporary pit-stop on the way to heaven.

2 thoughts on “+Prendergast: No Meat on Fridays During Lent

  1. This is welcome news and those who are obedient will listen. Our family abstains from meat on ALL Fridays, as is the custom of the Universal Church.

    However, for the great majority of nominal Catholics and probably a majority of those who attend Church, they will dismiss it. Sadly, obedience to our spiritual fathers has become a running joke in the Catholic church, in large part because, for 50 years, the kids have had a run of the place with no discipline.

    Nevertheless, we must pray that God uses the obedience of a few to further greater blessings here in Ottawa and for more graces of courage for our Archbishop.

    That a bishop imposes some discipline without the CCCB’s involvement is another great sign.


  2. We have not eaten meat on Fridays for years. BIG deal. It is a good thing to remind people of this of course, but hardly a sacrifise. Oh we do not want topush those faifthful“ Catholics too far and remind them of what Our Blessed Lady asks of us regarding fasting.
    Sorry, it is just like having everyone standing, so as to create a so-called ùnified`appearance, (when most hardly kneel to begin with,) with no interest in real unity. Superficial appearances. Here`s an idea,
    Why not unite in kneeling and receivng The Blessed Eucharist
    on the tongue!, that would be asking too much though, so we will remain tepid. It makes one cry. It is NOT hard to not eat meat on Friday`s, heck some peole cannot even afford meat,or eat tuna casserole more often anyhow, so give me a break!

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