One thought on “Preach it, Sister!

  1. Our Laws are made in Parliament where Bills are rejected or passed into Law by majority vote. Please wake up and stop wasting your vote and choose to support or become Traditionalist Politicians. Jesus hated Nicolaitans for what they say they are and doing the reverse after playing Christian. We and our children are taught love without meaning (Kinsey Sex Education), and murder without guilt ( Abortion) in our education establishments by court enforcement and government decree. We have some good people teaching to truth, but telling students to put in the textbook answer on the issues where our education establishments, courts, governments and Nicolaitans are choosing to be selectively stupid and were proven to be without a shadow of doubt by Doctor Bernard Nathanson and by Jesus before him. Many of our good friends take in our blogs, but don’t comment for fear of the Jackboots. Professor Tom Landers and friends taught me how to stand up to this tyranny; but put in the textbook answer on points that the textbook writers prove to be selectively stupid in order to socially engineer, and mold society to the Politically Correct Darwinian Humanist world view, or they won’t let you graduate.
    Our points are not motivated by hatred, but verifiable science and common sense that Politically Correct Relativism has almost entirely eliminated, even in the so-called church.
    We are through reasoned debate using verifiable evidence, trying to unite concerned citizens to defeat harmful ideas and bad legislation, while we show respect to the people promoting them. Some have even now changed their minds and have joined us. We united and moved a mountain in 2008 by convincing Parliament to stop the loop hole in Canadian Law that was allowing the legal sexual exploitation of Canadian children. In a democracy the citizens are accountable and responsible for the laws of the land. Lessons learned from Athens and Western Civilizaton show that a democracy collapses when based on a false worldview.

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