Prayers of Reparation for Gay Pride Day

From a reader…

We should plan to do this in Ottawa for Pride Ottawa 2013 given OECTA/Libs bringing GSAs in schools this fall, a certain parish that has a Gay Club etc.. I expect many students from GSAs will be at the 2013 parade. This “signupgenius” is a great way for a multi-parish organizing of prayer times!!

Please let others know about this idea!


Prayers of Reparation for Pride Toronto 2012

Will You Watch With Him One Hour? Intercession With And For Our Same-Sex-Attracted Brothers And Sisters

Between 8 am EDT Friday June 22 and 8 am EDT Monday July 2 and corresponding with Toronto’s Pride Week, Courage Toronto and EnCourage Toronto are sponsoring 240 hours of reparational prayer, fasting, and sacrifices. Will you join us in spirit throughout those ten days, and physically in front of a Tabernacle for one of those hours?

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