Prayers for Annie

Many of the supporters of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition have heard about the Annie Farlow case. If you haven’t heard about the case you need to go to:

The Farlow family has been working for more than 3 years to achieve some level of Justice for Annie. Currently the Farlow’s are seeking a justice in small claims court. The reason for this route is that the cost of the case and the potential financial risk are far lesser in a small claims court.

The hospital has requested that the case be moved into Superior Court which would mean a far great legal costs and a much higher risk for the farlow family. The hearing for this request is on May 7th.

I support Justice for Annie and I am asking you to become informed about the case by reading the information on the website and joining the Justice for Annie facebook page at:

Alex Schadenberg

Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

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