Prayer & Fasting To Rid Ourselves Of Our Abortion Scandal

Well, folks, as we have seen these past near two years since the Development & Peace Abortion Scandal broke, it seems that the “authorities” are not listening or repenting.

So, we have to “kick it up a notch”, and storm heaven with prayer and fasting.

Socon or Bust is therefore calling on all readers to pray and to fast on the opening day of the bishop’s Plenary Assembly, Monday October 25, for the express intention that the Bishops of Canada stop funding pro-abortion groups.

In particular, we pray that the Holy Spirit send the virtue of courage to those bishops who will take the leadership role in calling other bishops to abide by the Gospel of Life – not only on paper but in practice.

May the Lord of Justice impress on our spiritual leaders their most solemn duty to protect innocent human life from conception to natural death, and to not participate with the forces of evil who promote its destruction.

We ask this In Nomine Jesu.



No system that allows or helps fund – no matter how subtly or indirectly — the killing of unborn children, or discrimination against the elderly and persons with special needs, can bill itself as “common ground.” Doing so is a lie. – Archbishop Chaput  (Health Care and The Common Good)

19 thoughts on “Prayer & Fasting To Rid Ourselves Of Our Abortion Scandal

  1. I shall offer my prayers and mortifications on Monday for this most worthy intention: “that the Bishops of Canada stop funding pro-abortion groups” and that they desist from their attempts to mislead the faithful !

  2. Thanks for the inspiration of everyone willing to make this effort. I too, will join in fasting and prayer for our Canadian Bishops to recognize, acknowledge and speak the truth re this important issue.

  3. Thanks for the effort, but why does it take so much to get the bishops to see that they are supporting the destruction of life, and enslaving the third world by spreading the culture of Death! I’ll be fasting in solidarity with the Culture of LIFE.

  4. God bless you John and all who took and take part in this effort. We included it in our 40 Days for Life vigil here in Sudbury.
    To life and living it………..

  5. Only received note today (Tues) but will add to (long) list.

    Still waiting for the bishops to give priority to a General Instruction of the Roman Missal approved for use in Canada. The US had theirs approved in 2003 – in good time for parishes to study during the Year of the Eucharist as Pope JP II wished in Mane Nobiscum Domine (Oct 2004) n.17: “One specific project of this Year of the Eucharist might be for each parish community to study the General Instruction of the Roman Missal.”

    The US GIRM is a wonderful document. Anyone who studies it with a sincere heart cannot fail to benefit from increased knowledge and affection for the Mass.

    It is very sad that Canadians are deprived of this wonderful resource.

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