Prayer & Fasting Abortion Away

40 Days for Life

Comes to Ottawa

 “It is God’s will that the scourge of abortion be ended”.
A campaign which has been particularly fruitful in putting a dent to this scourge is “40 days for life“. This campaign has three basic components:

 ·         Prayer and Fasting

·         Peaceful Vigil

·         Community Outreach

Prayer and Fasting is crucial, since the battle is basically spiritual in nature. As Christ said, “some demons can only be driven out by prayer & fasting“. For more info including videos of moving testimonials of this Spirit-filled initiative see:

This campaign first started in Texas in 2004, and has spread gradually to 130 locations in the US enjoying incredible success. For a record of the results, see the following link:

Ottawa is the first city in Canada to have this peaceful 40DaysForLife campaign which will take place from September 24th until November 2nd (click HERE for article). This is a unique opportunity for all people of faith and conscience in our community to do God’s will in helping put an end to the Civilization of Death in our midst.

Stay tuned for details….

It is my firm belief that abortion can only be overcome through the spiritual battle first. The politics of the question come only after the spiritual battle has been engaged.

Win in the spirit, and the abortion edifice will topple.

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