Praise You In This Storm

As Socon or Bust readers know, Helpers has launched a sidewalk counselling ministry to pregnant women who are seeking an abortion at Ground Zero, Morgentaler’s Abortion Mill.  This is a wonderful outpouring of spiritual fruit from the past 40 Days for Life campaign in Ottawa.

Helpers has  started a blog too, to keep people abreast of developments with their ministry.  Their second post has an interesting and intriguing question for the pro-life community in Ottawa:  Is God calling you to be a sidewalk counsellor? 

Today, Helpers also launched its Volunteer page where people can sign up to assist this very important ministry in three areas:  sidewalk counselor, vigiler, or spiritual helper.  Socon or Bust encourages 40 Days for Life  vigilers to sign up for the 5 dates selected for the remainder of the 2009 calendar year:  Nov.19, 27 and Dec. 2, 7, 17.  The hours are from 7AM to 5PM.  We all know that such a spiritual presence can have an amazing impact on what is going on inside the abortion mills.

It’s not been easy-going.  We’ve been verbally abused, scoffed at, spit on, physically intimidated and violently assaulted again and again.  But we remain faithful and resolute.

Never. Never. Never. Never. Never will we let this war go until God has won it. 


We persevere in praising God in the midst of this storm.

Praise be to the sanctity of human life and glory to His Name forever and ever!

We shall overcome. We shall.

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