PQ candidate compares baptism and circumcision to rape

And the Premier defends it! What does that say about the PQ?

Let me tell you : I know women who have been raped. It’s hell. This PQ candidate is committing the most extreme insult and banalization of women who have been raped. I think she’ll be apologizing publicly before the end of the week.

MONTREAL — Pauline Marois has defended a Parti Quebecois candidate who compared baptism and circumcision to rape.

Louise Mailloux, who is running for the PQ in the Montreal riding of Gouin, has also written in the past that a tax on kosher and halal foods helps to fund religious wars.

Mailloux, who is a philosophy professor, made the rape comparison in an essay on religious neutrality. It appeared in the book, Laïcité ça s’impose!, that was published in 2011.

Mailloux made clear this week that she stands by the statement.


15 thoughts on “PQ candidate compares baptism and circumcision to rape

  1. Talk about hate crimes or hate speech Tell that to these two women who minimize rape. Perhpas neither has been recipients of either Truth or an of the ultravioent violation of the act of rape. The two subjects are not the same but hatred of Truth will lead to hatred of what God says is evil and violent.
    Both are enemies of God and women. Think of the one who was the first enemy of God and women beginning with Eve…satan (I refuse to capatilize his name, and if I do it is by mistake).
    the enemy has continued going after women and not just any “woman” since the redeemed Eve in the form of Our Blessed Virgin and Mother Mary was chosen and is also our Queen and Co-Redemptress in Heaven beside Our Lord Saviour King Jesus Christ., She is Our Mother with Graces Magnified. She has been given the precise role of stepping on this serpents’ head, and defeating him as well, by way of Her Interercession to Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and that is why those who attempt to distort true femininity and true womanhood often hate God.
    Any perversion of who a woman is and her inherrant virginal beautiful purity and true dignity given to her by none other than God Himself, and with the intent she be kept so, for His purposes and to at some time perhaps, but not only (because she maybe called to lead a chaste single life and/or a Religious vocation for God alone) also to join with a man,God chooses, in the awsome act of co-creating by way of the two spouses sacred union Blessed by none other than God Who Is also presnt in said union and in the Sacrament of True Marriage via The One True Catholic Church,….. comes from the enemy, and his influence in the world.
    God and Our Lady love women and care what has happened to women by way of the influence of the lies of the world and the actions resulting from same systems in said world gone mad which often promotes only lies ,that tempt people away from Truth and, who they really are, by way of their inhertance to the One True God via their Baptism. , and They Being Our Lord Jesus Christ and Our through the Intercession of Our Blessed Lady WILL redeem women who have been victims of violence and rape IS a horrific violent assault on the body that belongs, and was created for Gods’ Intentions ONLY. Our Bodies are not our own, they belong to Him, and what we do with them or what others have done to them will be judged, when we meet Our Lord when we pass from this Earth.
    To minimize the violence of rape and to make such a comparison is from the same enemy voice who hates both God and His Bride(His Church), and thus women.
    Lord Have Mercy
    Thank You Jesus , Who Alone is to Be adored and Thank You Blessed Beautiful Magnificent Mary for You and all Your love and Intercession, and thank you also Glorious wonderous and sublime St. Joseph and all the other Saints and Angels

  2. I am currently in la belle province and every time I fly over St Josephs oratory I say a prayer that the Quebecois people return to the faith of their ancestors, as they are truly lost.

  3. The worldview of Secularism is a Religion; which legalizes ,and then imposes it’s morality, by right on all Canadians especially Kindergarteners. When Secularism declares it is morally neutral, it is being dishonest. Is Sodomy being normalized to innocent, impressionable schoolchildren as a legalized human right near you?

    Linear Prayer invokes action. Look at what The Landers and friends accomplished in Canada after prayer between 2005-2008. Is there a greater love than what Christ’s love can do? It involves working with Him to make Canada politically better. “Politicians pass Bills into Canadian Law.”

    When Rome was Pagan, Pliny the Younger declared to Trajan concerning the crimes of a sect called Christians,” They bind themselves by oath, not to commit robbery, theft, or adultery, that they would not betray a trust nor deny a deposit when called upon. Hence I believed it more necessary to examine two Christian female slaves, in order to find out what was true, and to do it with torture.”

    In a Democratic Canada, Secularism is allowed by the voting public to pass Bills into Law normalizing Sodomy to Kindergarteners ,by human right.
    Only Political Unity by vigilant righteous voting citizens can change this.

  4. I’d rather be raped than circumcised. At least I’d still have all my body parts after being raped. If it’s illegal to restrain an adult and cut off parts of his penis, why is it considered acceptable to do it to a baby?

    • Friend, I hope you realize that you’re banalizing the anguish of rape victims just like the PQ candidate.

      Please do not speak of what you do not understand. Circumcision of a baby leaves no emotional scars. Rape, as I can attest from the women I have consoled and counselled, is a severe trauma that never leaves you the same for your entire life.

      • Not at all, but I would regard being circumcised as being even worse, and I think you are being dismissive of the many men (probably a lot more than you think) who have been emotionally scarred by being circumcised as babies.

        • So how many dozens of support groups exist for men suffering emotional trauma from being circumcised as babies? There are tons for women. Unless you can come up with a few dozen, I’m inclined to think your case is weak.

          • There are such support groups, such as NORM, the National Organisation of Restoring Men, and many online groups, on Facebook etc. But counting support groups is an eccentric way of measuring harm. A few decades ago there were no support groups for raped women, and rape was trivialised and laughed about, even as circumcision is today. The two bodily sexual abuses are just at different places along the timeline. (And anyone who says circumcision is for the person’s good, remember those rapists who claim they are doing their victims good, eg, by “curing” lesbians.)

            Being remembered, and hence creating enormous psychological trauma, at least rape removes no erogenous tissue. The damage of circumcision is inevitably life-long.

          • Oh, I don’t doubt that some men may have been hurt by circumcision occurring when they were babies. I certainly sympathize with them. I wouldn’t circumcise my kids. But to put that hurt on par with the extreme trauma inflicted on women by rape, or to pretend that the percentage of circumcised men experiencing trauma is anywhere near the percentage of rape victims experiencing trauma (near 100%) is nothing short of dillusional. I’m sorry to be so blunt, but you’re really showing a great lack of understanding of how rape destroys people.

          • Whether or not you believe me, I would rather be raped than circumcised (assuming the rapist wasn’t HIV+). I’m not under-estimating how traumatic rape is, and I know that many men, whether intact and circumcised, wouldn’t feel the same way, but there’s no doubt in my mind that given that hideous choice, I’d rather keep my body parts the way they are now.

          • You’re certainly entitled to your opinion, that’s why we don’t censure comments on this blog. Just don’t forget that many women are raped so violently that they need surgery to fix the damage, which can leave them infertile. Some women need to have their uterus entirely removed. So there is often physical damage involved as well.

            Take care.

  5. You can’t circumcise an infant without first forcibly penetrating the delicate preputial sphincter of a helpless screaming child, so rape? Yeah. At least the other rape doesn’t always leave permanent impairment.

    Circumcision alters sex dramatically.

  6. Hey Ron,

    Does that penetration also get counted when the sciccors are jabbed into their skulls too? Or do you just have a fetish for penis flesh?

  7. Well said Paycheck!

    The Rulers Of Western Democracies appointed by the apathetic and indifferent 50%+1 or more have declared ,The Ten Commandments in Government, Law, and Education unconstitutional, and The Worldview-Religion of Secularism with it’s morality constitutional, and thus to be legalized as a human right ,normalized, then enforced on everyone starting with Kindergartners. Students are indoctrinated in Canada as a legalized human right, to believe Kinsey Sex Education as normal behavior. In his Thesis “Outlet Sex”, Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey placed all sexual acts on the same moral, social and biological level whether in or out of marriage, between two people of the same or opposite sex, or when sex involved even children or animals. Kinsey declared that secular “Science” had found no value in traditional sexual morality, and the majority of Western Governments, Law, Education Establishments, and Popular Media started indoctrinating schoolchildren in this worldview, hence the so-called Politically Correct comments. Kinsey Sex Ed Teachers do not care to include data from The Centers For Disease Control.

    This Western political paradigm shift into the worldview Secularism as the official State Religion became law in 1962 in the US, and spread like wildfire to the now Secular Western Governments, Society and The Religious Orders they indulge. When Secular Religions or Worldviews collide then The God who created Male and Female in His Own image; thus giving them inalienable rights cannot care what the outcome will be , because both sides do not consider Him or His Views Constitutional.

    Now one must remember, The Attributes of The God Of The Ten Commandments. He does not impose Jizya or Infidel tax on unbelievers, but gives them freewill to choose Him or decide His views are unconstitutional, and allows them to live with the consequences of their choices. Other cultures may believe in a god or secularism ;but the name they use for their god or worldview does not reflect the law or attributes of The Jacobite and Christian God. Even their Jesus has different attributes. Therefore all views are not equally true or beneficial, because each worldview brings about distinctive consequences to it’s society.

    Politics is a reflection of the Canadian people, because Laws are made by Bills passed by elected Canadian politicians in our Legislatures and Parliament. Please stop corrupting Canadian Children.

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