Power over Principle

Keith Martin – “I think its unfortunate many members of the Conservative party have been very supportive of this, including the prime minister before he became prime minister. I hope that the prime minister sees that by having the motion introduced by somebody else and the positive response that it has drawn, it creates a safe space upon which he can take it upon himself and his government can take it upon itself to introduce it at committee where the committee can actually look at this in a responsible, public and transparent fashion.”I’m disappointed that the prime minister is attempting to muzzle his caucus ironically on an issue of freedom of speech. And I know that he doesn’t personally agree with that–“”I hope that the prime minister really moves away from this position which is really untenable given his previous comments and the fact that there are very few true rights in our country. If there’s one responbility this this House has, that this Parliament has its to defend those rights.” (Source)

You know, it’s pretty pathetic that the politicians will be willing to go to the Polls on just about any other issue (except abortion, of course since that’s the protected Sacrament). But free speech? Who wants to lose an election on that kind of issue? It’s so corny and quaint.

My mother-in-law had some wise piece of advice for me many years ago:  “Start out as you mean to go on.”  If a politician won’t stick his neck out for free speech any time and any where, then just what kind of moral character are you dealing with?  I’ll tell you: someone who prefers the power of the State over the freedom of its citizens.  And that concession can only lead to tyranny.  In fact, that already is tyranny.

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