Pot-Smokers Become Slower Thinkers

Story here. And it’s not just about teens, as the title of their article suggests. Adults also lose out compared to those who never smoked pot.

So much for the “harmless” drug. If you don’t want to become dumber, stay away from pot.

2 thoughts on “Pot-Smokers Become Slower Thinkers

  1. Glad you brought up this topic – it’s no surprise that pot smoking makes one lethargic and decreases one’s ability to think and reason. I’ve seen it firsthand from people around me who use it. Also the hypocrisy of those that want to legalize marijuana with the pretext that it’s not as harmful as alcohol – marijuana smoking is smoking – isn’t smoking harmful? The anti-cigarette lobby seems to be conspicuously silent on this. The facts and common sense dictate that pot should never be legalized.

  2. Pot is extremely harmful and I imagine the newest form, mixed with Heaven knows what is even worse that what was around when I was a teen.

    That being said when I studied about drugs with experts they tore the myth of marijuana being not harmful was quickly torn apart. For instance the residue effects of the substance and
    its effects of just one marijuana cigarette or joint as it is called or was back then anyway,(many toxic to the brain and other organs remains the body at least a week. If one were to smoke say 2 or 3 of these a day the remnant effects and damage accumulate, and it may very well take years for the person who has ingested the drug to be detoxified. One of the side effects of it,I remember studying about, is that it destroys the immune system. That is why so many pot smokers have colds a lot. It also cause cancer.

    One can study the effects this drug has one people if they choose to research in the right places such as drug treatment
    journals who are interested in dealing with the very real and harmful and (another surprise to many) the very addictive
    ingredients in marijuana.
    However as mentioned earlier what passes as “marijuana”, ie. pure cannabis now has been altered so much over the years making it even stronger and more dangerous from what has been purported from experts.
    Those who push for the legalization do not know what they are doing. It will ,and can only make things much much worse.

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