Post-Contraceptive Regret

“Our generation is completely filled with grief and post-contraceptive regret,” said Giroux, leader of a group of mothers who advocate for welcoming children. “We were blown away at our first talk with how many women could relate with what we were saying … we want to witness to the younger generation so they don’t repeat our mistakes.” (Source)

That phrase “post-contraceptive regret” goes to the core of a lot of modern women today.  It’s a tragedy. They are victims of this culture of death too. They bought the lie that having a career was more important than having and raising children.  Tonight, I was sitting with my oldest daughter and we chuckled as we witnessed my three younger daughters joyfully teasing and playing with each other.  Kids don’t need things.  They need brothers and sisters which forge their bonds of love and true happiness. Toys and expensive bobbles can get in the way, and can actually take away happiness from a child.  They are no replacement for a brother or sister!  Love endures all things, not IPODs.  Parents: do not deceive yourselves into thinking that your child or children are happy with distractions.  If you want to give them true joy, give them a relationship that lasts a lifetime…a bit of you…which is called a child! That’s the best “toy” going!  It never gets dated and it loves.

In the end, all that matters is our relationships.  Everything else is fleeting.  Here today. Gone tomorrow.  In this life, the only thing worth really fighting for is our relationships within our families because that’s what gets us through the darkest moments and creates incredible bonds of love, fidelity, hope, and trust.  It is the virtues which are worth holding on to…and our relationship with God too. That’s what carries us over to the other side.  Your only value as a human being is because someone remembers you in love.  Even when you’re gone, that remembrance will be there…but that too will fade at least on this earth.  That’s why it’s so important to foster a relationship with the SOMEONE who will remember you in eternity. That someone is God.  If you’re not remembered, your life is meaningless.  It is only in being remembered by God that one’s life has meaning…even lives that the world thinks very little of can have profound meaning for eternity.  In eternity, God and all of our loved ones remember us!  And yet the world cannot offer us this truth.  That is the great irony of our existence in this world and those who follow it:   in the quest to stand on top of the world for a little while, people refuse to acknowledge that they will be forgotten.  And those who did not strive for anything really noteworthy but to love family and God above all else will be remembered forever.  Man’s ways are not God’s ways.

One thought on “Post-Contraceptive Regret

  1. I just had to say Thank you John for this beautiful heart felt (Christs’
    Heart…I might add) telling of what and All that really matters.

    God is about Family First The Father , The Son Jesus Christ,
    and The Holy Spirit. Then there is Joseph, Mary and Jesus.

    Finally, we are all sons and daughters of Our Beloved Father God-
    Holy Blessed Trinity. and it is THIS Primary Relationship we must first cultivate and enter into in its fullest, in order to rightly love our families on earth.

    I knew a psychiatrist friend who is a non practicing Jew and told me once if I could bottle what you speak to me of , and sell it, I’d be a ziliionaire, to which I replied . God has paid the price with the death of His Beloved Son Jesus , so you can have what He offers
    the only cost- Yourself. |It’s a small price to pay for what He Has to offer, don’t you think? and there is no price for the riches He lavishes on those He loves and who love Him in return.

    Jesus once broke my heart right open, when I was sad and hating myself, wishing things were “better” , in other words having trouble carrying my cross, by saying in a voice that was so tender,
    and hurt, “Aren’t I Enough”? I felt so terrible, and cried out YES!, YES!, YES!, my Beloved Jesus!!! I am so sorry , Will you forgive me???
    It is only when we forget the ONE who loved us so much He died and dies still for us that we are lost , and we need only return right away only into a still deeper Relationship with the only One Who truly matters, that we will regain our sight, dim as it may appear to be at times. At least we now know the Truth. To answer
    my doctor friend the Truth will set us free. We just give up the lies.
    Sweet exchange don’t you think?

    If we don’t understand suffering , or want to embrace it, we won’t know God, and we certainly won’t know Jesus, or His ways.

    God help me in this time as we enter more deeply into the captivity of what You endured for our behalf ,to be only forever grateful and humble and know just what it must have been like,
    for You so that we would be able to live with You later in everything we go through and join in Your sufferings for the sake of Your Kingdom. I am so weak, and You are so strong, let Your Life be my only true song.

    I love You, adore only You
    and Thank You
    for You.
    and I thank You
    for my new friends, real Brothers and Sisters in You Christ, who also
    truly love You, too
    and want only to
    proclaim Your Truth
    regarding Life and Family.

    For Life
    Frances Wilkinson

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