Pope weighs in on violence against Christians; Muslims get offended

Sounds like a broken record.  The tune goes like this:

a) Christians get killed by Muslims

b) Christian leaders get upset

c) Muslims become offended at the notion that they have a violence problem

When will it ever end.

Like a good father, Pope Benedict is standing up for his persecuted children.  On Monday, he made an address to the diplomatic corps in Rome, i.e. the diplomats from 178 countries with which the Vatican has diplomatic relations.  In this address, among other things, the Holy Father expressed grave concern at violence against Christians in many countries. He named a few countries in particular, including Egypt, Iraq and Nigeria.  

“In Egypt too, in Alexandria, terrorism brutally struck Christians as they prayed in church. This succession of attacks is yet another sign of the urgent need for the governments of the region to adopt, in spite of difficulties and dangers, effective measures for the protection of religious minorities,” the pope said. (Source)

He asked for Pakistan to repeal its blasphemy laws.  He called for a greater respect of religious freedom and inter-religious dialogue throughout the world. Sounds reasonable to me.

Predictably, Muslims got offended. In fact, the government of Egypt was so ticked-off that they decided to recall their ambassador from the Vatican as a protest. According to a government official, the Pope’s words were “unacceptable” and constituted interference in Egypt’s domestic affairs.   

But irony was working against them.  You see, the Pope gave his speech on Monday. On Tuesday, Egypt announced its decision to pull its ambassador.  Simultaneously, on Tuesday, an off-duty Muslim policeman opens fire on six Christians, killing one and wounding the other five.

Tragic irony. Who’s looking silly now? 

4 thoughts on “Pope weighs in on violence against Christians; Muslims get offended

  1. You know, this happened in history once before some centuries ago. And guess what the Pope did? He called the Crusades to retaliate against the EXTREMIST Muslims (the Ottoman Turks, NOT the Arab Muslims) who persecuted Christians.

    Sadly in modern day though, the sheeples are too weak, comfortable with their material wealth and poorly catechized to do anything democratically, like say protest against the injustice. I haven’t seen a parade of protesters in the streets lately on the news against Islamic violence in the Middle East and/or Chirstian persecution lately have you? And our leaders like bishops, well don’t bet on many of them speaking about it. At least a number of parishes are taking in Iraqi Christians.

  2. What about asking the West to repeal it’s blasphemy laws protecting it’s religion of Darwinian Humanism only, survival of the fittest, love without meaning (Kinsey Sex Education) and murder without guilt( abortion) in law, government and education? When people are socially engineered in our education establishments to believe that there is a secular pagan/ sacred double-minded divide ; then the politically correct relativism nonsense of all views being equally beneficial and healthy rules the minds of most Western citizens. Those in power like this mind control as their jackboots keep the others in line. Professor Tom Landers called them pew potatoes, because they only play at being Christian, and elect secular pagans or other pew potatoes to our Legislatures, and Parliament where Bills are passed or rejected into laws by majority vote. Tom and his friends did unite Social Conservatives and Agnostics together to raise the age of consent in 2008. Tom and I found many of these agnostics were former Christians who were forced out by the double minded pew potatoes and leaders. They seem to be worshiping Cronos, Zeus or some other false worldview. We did win one uphill battle in 2008 and stopped a lot of the legal exploitation of children by convincing Parliament to raise the age of sexual consent in Canada. We must continue.

  3. When people have been educated in our Darwinian humanist schools and universities to become Godless atheists they argue that Christianity, not Godless humanism has been destructive to civilization, and they leave important facts out of their arguments. They teach students to assume that the textbook arguments are true. They ignore the incredible contributions of Christianity to humanity, from hospitals, schools to universities, sanctity of life and the Moral Law based on the Bible and the Ten Commandments, the restraint on governments and industrialists from exploiting the public and the furtherance of goodwill in our society. The fighting for the so-called Darwin’s lower races to get the vote here in Canada in 1947,1960 and around the world.

    By contrast Darwinian humanism has taught people to pursue their own selfish desires. Humanists forget that far more evil has been done in the name of institutionalized atheism than in the name of Christianity. More blood has been spilled as a result of institutionalized atheism in the 20th and 21st centuries than all other causes in all the other centuries combined.

    By attacking Christian public expression and establishing Politically Correct Darwinian Humanist Relativism as a religion protected by blasphemy laws; and institutionalizing atheism in schools and universities, humanists have successfully removed Christianity and the Moral Law from Canadian society even in the church it sometimes seems making it irrelevant. As a result many Canadians behave as if there is no God-given standard of behavior and the enforced anti-God state of mind feeds the nihilism to which modern man is educated from pre-kindergarten to university. Atheists have gradually taken away our right to even speak in the schools or in public, or they call in their Jackboots. We all suffer because of this. How long is the thinking Canadian public going to put up with this diabolical behavior? One cannot make reason out of non-reason.

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