Pope to sisters: living with Jesus outside Church is absurd

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Pope Francis doesn’t disappoint.  Reaffirms Catholic doctrine.

These Feminist Nuns need to be told even more clearly:  clean yourselves up or get out. Still, by the time the Vatican gets around to what they should have started like….uh…50 years ago, half of these lesbian radicals will be dead.

In 10-15 years, the problem fixes itself.  What’s the point, anyhow?  It’s all theoretical.  You’re going to try and convince the average aged sister of 73 that she has to get back to Tradition, after 40 years of living the “social justice” life?  Are you serious?

“Think of how much damage to the people of God has been caused by men and women of the Church who are careerists, climbers, who use the people, the Church, their brothers and sisters – those they should be serving – as trampolines for their personal interests and ambitions,” he said. “This does great harm to the Church.”

Gee. I wonder who he could be talking about?


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