2 thoughts on “Pope goes to confession

  1. Yes he is a surprising man. I love the way the other priest was leading him to his confessional, and Pope Francis just broke rank and headed over to say his own confession. It was a beautiful moment captured on film.

  2. Thank you Lord
    for this , and thank you for posting it, John.
    I meant to say in one previous posting how the Sacrament of Reconciliation offers us amazing healing as well the Jesus in His Most Holy and Blessed True Presence , in His Most Holy Eucharist.
    There is so much healing available to us through
    the most Holy Sacraments in the One True Church
    that Jesus began. We are so Blessed.
    The Catholic Faith is the One True Faith that is so beautiful, in its’ magnificent richness, joy and splendour, that it should bring us not only to our knees in awesome wonder and humility, but fill us with hearts bursting with a gratitude that in no way ever come anywhere near , to what Our Holy Father God, Son Jesus Christ and Holy Ghost has given us (Him self!!!) and that He never stops giving. He gave us Our Beloved, Blessed Virgin Mother and Queen Mary
    as well!, so that we could pray through Her Intercession to receive the graces and courage and gifts we need to live for Him and to do His Will. He gave us Glorious, Good sublime St. Joseph who amongst many wondrous deeds, and commandments from HIs Holy Father God in Heaven, watches over Jesus, and Mary’s Hearts and joins His as well! 3 Hearts- Jesus ,Joseph and Mary!
    and all the Angels and Saints! and all that is from HIm in His Church and splendid Traditions established, by none other than Jesus Himself more than 2000 years ago,so as to help us live here for Him and to Glorify Him and then hopefully to spend Eternity with Him. His Divine Mercy that is ready to forgive true, contrite and sorrowful hearts that yearn to die of our wretched useless pride and live for Him. He gave His All!!!!!

    That is why it breaks His Heart and should break ours as well when we give Him back the back of our hands, and our indifference, as well as our attempts to change what He alone established as True and Glorious and Enough, to our “new”,sick, proud, deviant version that is really all about us not Him. We for get that Father knows Best. He loves us and wants to make happen happen so we can be truly happy by loving HIm Back. We can do this by doing HIs Will.
    He sweated blood because of what we did, do and
    have done to Him Who knew no sin but only desired we know His True,tender Loving Heart and even worse today we see so glaringly in our response to His agonizing death on the Cross in which He took on all our sin so we could live, ,,,our “choosing”
    death both physically but most importantly spiritually over His Love even during this most Holy Sacred time in Eternity, saying NO! we will not serve and worship You, in all things we will worship ourselves and our way!. In fact we say to Him by our showing Him… Who created us in Love for Love and went to the Cross and died for us out of Love for us so we could say Yes to His offer of Divine Mercy and a new resurrected life to be with Him in Heaven for all Eternity
    that we would rather do it “our way”.
    What is that old expression?
    Half measures availed us nothing.
    A certain prolonging is understanding for the newcomer, delay is dangerous, and a slothful attitude can be fatal.

    Lord Have Mercy
    Our Father …
    Hail Mary Full of Grace…
    Glory Be to the Father, Son and Holy Ghost
    St. Michael The Archangel…
    Blessed Good St. Joseph
    All the Holy Angels and Saints
    Pray for us

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