Pope Still Loved By Catholics, Media Lies Don’t Work

Well, it looks like Benedict’s first international visit, since the Anti-Catholic Bigots in the Main Stream Media unleashed their vile and false reporting,  has been a smashing success.  It’s good to see that the bigots’ efforts didn’t amount to much. I guess people today choose to get their information from blogs and independent news sources and ignore the deluded and malicious fools who style themselves as “journalists” these days.  Hey ladies!  Just because you carry a “Press” badge doesn’t mean too much anymore.

Here’s a report from the Times of Malta of the Pope’s trip:

Pope Benedict’s 27-hour visit to Malta came to an end this evening after it made the international headlines when the pontiff looked the child abuse issue in the eye by holding an unscheduled meeting with its victims. The meeting, at the Apostolic Nunciature, was a historic first for the pontiff and appeared aimed at reinforcing the Pope’s expressions of regret, especially in his letter to the Irish bishops a few weeks ago. The Holy See described the Pope’s meeting with the victims as deeply moving. The victims themselves praised the Pope for his courage in meeting them and said the 35-minute encounter had given them peace in their hearts. Earlier in the day, a crowd of some 50,000 people gathered in a drizzle for Papal Mass on the granaries in Floriana. The sun came out shortly before the Pope arrived at the historic square, where, in his homily he urged the Maltese people to reserve the faith and values “No visitor to Malta could fail to be impressed by the devotion of your people, the vibrant faith manifested in your feast-day celebrations, the beauty of your churches and shrines. But that gift needs to be shared with others, it needs to be articulated, he said.”

The Pope was received with enthusiasm wherever he went. People turned up in their hundreds particularly at Paola and Kalkara. At the latter, the Pope boarded a catamaran for his crossing of Grand Harbour, accompanied by a flotilla of almost 100 small boats. The Valletta Waterfront was heaving with some 10,000 young people who had been singing for some four hours before the Pontiff arrived. The Pope told them that other nations could learn from Malta’s Christian example. “Here in Malta, you live in a society that is steeped in Christian faith and values. You should be proud that your country both defends the unborn and promotes stable family life by saying no to abortion and divorce. I urge you to maintain this courageous witness to the sanctity of life and the centrality of marriage and family life for a healthy society. “In Malta and Gozo, families know how to value and care for their elderly and infirm members, and they welcome children as gifts from God. Other nations can learn from your Christian example.” The Pope’s reference to other countries needing to follow Malta’s example appeared to echo the call made 20 years ago in Malta by Pope John Paul II, who said that Europe needed Malta’s faithful witness. The Pope summed up his message to Malta in four lines in an address at the airport before departure. “Be an example, at home and abroad, of dynamic Christian living. Be proud of your Christian vocation. Cherish your religious and cultural heritage. Look to the future with hope, with profound respect for God’s creation, with reverence for human life, and with high esteem for marriage and the integrity of the family. Kunu wlied denji ta’ San Pawl.”


It’s a time for us to celebrate…with Benedict.  Beer and Mozart anyone? (Nice suit, Holy Father! Armani? :mrgreen: )


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