Pope Says ‘Gay Lobby’ Is at Work in Vatican

According to a leaked memo, it would appear that Pope Francis has recognized the existence of a “Gay Lobby” within the Vatican.

“The ‘gay lobby’ is mentioned, and it is true, it is there.…We need to see what we can do,” Pope Francis is quoted as saying in the memo, which was leaked to Chilean website, Reflection and Liberation. CLAR issued a statement late Tuesday confirming the authenticity of the memo while emphasizing that it had been written from memory by the meetings’ attendees.

“The Presidency of CLAR deeply regrets the publication of a text referring to the conversation held with the Holy Father Francis in the course of a meeting on this past June 6,” CLAR’s leadership said in the statement.

A Vatican spokesman didn’t deny the reports of Pope Francis’s remarks to CLAR, but declined to confirm them. (Source)

The good news is that Pope Francis is apparently driving some serious reforms of the Vatican bureaucracy. Let’s pray that he can clean up this mess.

And let’s also pray that groups like CLAR will exercise a bit more discretion with documents relating to their meetings with the Holy Father.

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