Pope: Martyrdom happening right now

Tragic, but true.

“First, I think of our martyrs, the martyrs of our times, men, women, children who are being persecuted, hated, driven out of their homes, tortured, massacred. And this is not a thing of the past: this is happening right now. Our martyrs, who are meeting their end under the authority of corrupt people who hate Jesus Christ. It would do us good to think of our martyrs. Today we remember Paolo Miki but that happened in 1600. Think of our present-day ones! ¬†Of 2015 “. (Source)

The thought of the martyrs, past and present, should give us strength to bear our comparatively minor sufferings with patience and courage.

One thought on “Pope: Martyrdom happening right now

  1. Look how So-called “neutral” Democratic Secular Paganism is perverting schoolchildren using adult teachers and homosexual etc.,activists.Wake up for Christ’s sake and help us,as our traumatized schoolchildren have no-one else.Politically Correct Ideology is not neutral or correct,and through Government,Law,Education,Entertainment etc.,is corrupting our Civilization.Secular Christian is an oxymoron. Please wake up and take our democracies back,because continued political apathy and indifference will keep us in Democratic Secular Pagan Tyranny,as so-called human rights.

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