9 thoughts on “Pope: ‘mankind at stake’ over gay marriage

  1. The US has a plague of gunfire, troops are killing and dying in the Arab world, and the Pope blames it all on….homosexuals??
    Get real, your Holiness.

  2. The US has a plague of gunfire, troops are killing and dying in the Arab world, and the Pope blames it all on….homosexuals??
    Get real, your Holiness. This comment puts the Vatican on the same plane as the Westboro Baptist Church.

    • JMJ

      Mr Thomas: Homosexuality and homosexuals are sterile. The frustration of not being able to do what normal people do causes them to attempt to imitate the intimacy and mutuality that normal people experience, but with unfortunate results, such as the production and spreading of disease, higher alcohol and drug use, suicide, and a shortening of their lives. Who pays? The productive, normal people.

      You know perfectly well that our Holy Father is not blaming homosexuals for anything except their acting out their perversions.

      • Another Catholic pervert was arrested in Montreal this weekend. How do you explain that Luis? He was married with kids. A Deacon in his church. “respected”…but still a pervert by “normal” standards. Or don’t you consider this evil?

        • What does this prove? That porn perverts exist in the Catholic Church? Why is this relevant? If porn pervert is found in the Catholic Church, you can multiply that by 6 in society at large. That’s what the stats say. So what. Filth is filth.

          What does that have to do with Catholic TEACHING. The Church has its share of perverts and Benedict is doing his part to purge them from the Church….which is much more than we can say for society at large…which seems bent on enshrining sexual perversion in law.

        • We explain it by pointing to original sin. That a Catholic pervert was arrested in Montreal does not take away from the sterility of homosexuals and homosexuality, who, in their pathetic, TRULY PATHETIC, attempts to imitate normalcy in intimacy, in mutuality, do nothing but create grief, give birth to disease, to frustration, to despair, to suicide, to shortened lives.

  3. Pope Benedict is bang on. But I’m sure he’d agree that the destruction of the family is 99% the fault of heterosexuals, through divorce, fornication, infidelity, porn, contraception, prostitution, etc.

  4. JMJ

    It’s difficult to put a percentage on the different causes that are attacking, not just marriage, but ALL that is natural, but homosexuals and homosexuality are becoming more of a problem, and it has to be stopped.

  5. The difference between tolerance and legality is, that when Democratic Politically Correct Relativists are talked into legalizing scientifically proven morbid behavior by the policies of politicians, courts, teacher federations and popular media moguls they trust ,it is then also made a Canadian human right by, The Canadian Human Rights Act. This legalized morbid behavior is then normalized to impressionable innocent schoolchildren, as a human right and social justice, by adults who ought to know better. By this method Secular morbid so-called neutral morality is spread throughout former Christian Western Countries, who were so in Government,Law and Education before 1962.

    The Moguls who are adding to their Billions from legalized sexual irresponsibility, know exactly how to manipulate The Socially Engineered Politically Correct Relativists. According to Psychology textbooks the white race will become minorities in most of their own countries by about 2080. They have been aborting their children and making The Abortion and Permissive Sexuality Products Industry Moguls Mega Billionaires.

    In a democracy the citizens are politically responsible for the laws of the land.
    Merry Christmas Season to men and women of good will. Jesus and His worldview is the reason for Christmas.

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