Pope Launches New Catholic App for Smartphones and Tablets

By squeaker

Last week, Pope Francis clicked on the button to launch a new app called Missio, available for both Apple and Android devices.

I downloaded it on my iPhone. It’s a very simple app that provides the latest news about the Church directly from the Vatican’s news services. It including videos of papal speeches, homilies and audiences.

This is a great idea by the Vatican. In an age when the media is very hostile to the Church and often tries to distort Her message, the Vatican is now going to bypass them entirely and reach the faithful directly, uncensored and unaltered. 🙂

To paraphrase Karl Marx, the mainstream media may have sown the seeds of their own destruction, as their bias has fuelled the emergence of growing Internet news services that could make the “old” media as obsolete as rotary phones and 8-tracks.

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