Pope helps Washington end 50 years of sanctions against Cuba

Nice work by the Holy Father.

I never liked economic sanctions. They never hurt those in power directly. They are designed to make life so unbearable for the people that the government is toppled, usually with bloodshed. The innocent are used to reach the country’s rulers. A classic case of the incorrect belief that the ends justify the means.

Unfortunately, it looks like Obama’s attempt to lift the embargo will fail because the Republicans are poised to block it in Congress. Cuban American lawmakers are hardliners and will accept nothing short of a toppling of the Castro regime.

In the meantime, Cubans will continue to suffer.

2 thoughts on “Pope helps Washington end 50 years of sanctions against Cuba

  1. What does he say about Catholics and Seculars who allow the political child perversion of Canadian school children, by adult school teachers and homosexual activists? Who is he to judge? He sounds like Obama,”above my pay grade.” At least even Putin said,”LEAVE THE KIDS ALONE!”My Western Civilization contemporaries started every school morning with The Lord’s Prayer,and THE TEN COMMANDMENTS were on Government,School and Courthouse Walls and in the majorities hearts and minds.Our righteous Priesthood and citizens who were educated in the worldview of Christ in Government,Law and Education politically kept it that way.How easily the children indoctrinated in secular pagan schools and by the Secular Media Moguls forget.

  2. Why is it that Cubans living in exile in Florida are disgusted at this “deal” and at the pope for sticking his nose in where it does not belong? Because this “deal” between a gaggle of socialists will only help preserve the communist dictatorship and undermine real Catholics already shaken opinion of Pope Francis.

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