Pope Francis’s Message: Grow up, already!

“A life without challenges does not exist and any boy or girl who doesn’t take on these challenges, has no backbone.” Pope Francis said this at the end of the Rosary, emphasising the fact that “a good mother” helps her children to understand what freedom is.

 “Of course, it is not about doing anything one feels like, allowing oneself to be overcome by passions, going from experience to another without thinking and following the fashions of the time; freedom does not mean throwing everything we do not like out of the window so to speak.”

 “How hard it is today, to take definitive decisions. We are seduced by temporariness, we are victims of a trend that pushes us towards temporariness, as if we wished to remain adolescents all our lives.” The Pope continued his reflection urging faithful: “Let us not be afraid of definitive commitments.”

I think he is taking a shot at couples taking longer and longer to make a decision to marry.  And what about the substantial % of post-secondary students who are now professional students that have been going to school almost into their 30s.  Just a refusal to grow up, generally.  The perpetual infatuation with Advanced Romper Room really has to go.

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