Pope Francis Visits Tomb of Pius V

The very first thing Francis does is go to St Mary Major to pray at the tomb of Pius V.

So who was Pope St Pius V? He was a reforming pope who reigned from 1566- 1572. He cleaned up the curia, excommunicated heretical bishops, cleaned up the immorality in the church and swept the church clean– paving the way for the great surge in the church we call the Counter Reformation. He also excommunicated the tyrant Elizabeth I of England and formed the Holy League–a confederation of Catholic armies which eventually defeated the Ottoman Empire at the Battle of Lepanto. Pius V also instituted the Feast of Our Lady of Victories (nor the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary). (Source)

Indeed.  I was very curious about this myself.   Isn’t Pius V kind of important to the Latin Mass, too?

I think some Traditionalists had better cool off for a bit and stop losing their minds.  What I’ve been reading on trad blogs is scandalous.

Perhaps Pope Francis did not float their boat as Cardinal Bergoglio, but that is not to say he will not be kind to liturgical restoration as Pope.   It is possible, after all, for a humble man to learn and grow.  Does not everyone believe that Pope Francis is humble?  Exactly, so relax.  And chill out.  Have Faith that God is not abandoning what He started with Benedict.

And besides, if this man is who I think he will be, the fun has just begun on the reformation front!  It’s showtime!

2 thoughts on “Pope Francis Visits Tomb of Pius V

  1. re: “I think some Traditionalists had better cool off for a bit and stop losing their minds. What I’ve been reading on trad blogs is scandalous… relax. And chill out. Have Faith that God is not abandoning what He started with Benedict.”

    I agree, John. God is in charge. No need to worry. We should be confident in the future, not filled with anxiety as those who have no faith.

    Meanwhile, the mainstream media are demonstrating their complete incomprehension of who the Church is and what role a pope has. This, of course, is no surprise. We should literally laugh at them, right to their face, and not answer their ridiculous poll questions, all the while as we pray for them. Their questions wondering whether Pope Francis will bring in women priests or ‘gay marriage’ makes about as much sense as expecting the NHL commissioner to bring in the infield fly rule. Poor, blind, and ignorant, they present their questions as though they are intelligent and should be taken seriously. Lord have mercy on us all. Long live Pope Francis! God bless.

  2. One of the reasons why I believe Pope Francis is the leader for our times is his understanding of “LIberation Theology”. Similar to Islamic theology, it is a hybrid of religious and political beliefs. In this case, a blend of poor Christian theology and Marxist philosophy, Liberation theology has been very successful in Central and South America. It has also flourished in North America but in a more subtle and underground format particularly among African Americans. The Rev. Jeremiah Wright the pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ where the President of the United States, Barack Obama, attended for 20 years subscribes to this socialistic philosophy. Among the many perverted tenants of this “religion” is the belief in “collective salvation”. Pursuant to this concept, salvation is not achieved as an individual but only as a member of a group such as a particular race. I have seen and heard in a video, Barack Obama expose this belief. In short, we are in danger on many fronts including a system of belief that will lead to a one world government and a one world religion that ain’t Christianity.

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