Pope Francis Stands Firm Against Feminist Nuns

Fr. Z’s commentary here.

What I predicted is coming to fruition.  The Left are getting their social justice Pope, but not in the way they expected.

While both men share the same Faith, they have different priorities and they emphasize different things.  So God uses them to speak to both sides of the political spectrum to communicate a message of return and to remind us all that the Catholic Faith cannot be put into a political box that cannot possibly hold it.   It is a message neither the Right nor the Left particularly want to hear:  the Church is not about awarding a political faction power over the other.  It’s about holding fast to the Faith once delivered to the saints.

If some parts of the Faith don’t challenge us and shake us out of complacency, then either we’re mega Liars or we’re Saints.  Accepting a Pope that isn’t our favourite flavour will make us all grow in sanctity, unity, and truth.  And guess what? Not all of the Pope’s pastoral decisions are necessarily going to be good ones.  So what?  Suck it up and take one for the team because where he might fail in one area, he’ll score hansomely in another place – a place which God thinks is particularly important to heal right now.

Pope Francis is the answer to the socialist cabal that run the joint in the West today.  They will not be able to dismiss this Pope lightly (as they might have with Benedict) because Francis has walked the talk of championing the rights of the poor.  But while he “speaks their language”, he doesn’t march to their beat.  His view of social justice is radically different from theirs, and I think he will show them up for the hypocrites they are. (Source)

Pope Francis is turning out to be the Left’s nightmare.  They can’t write him off or ignore him without showing themselves up to be politicians.

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