Pope Francis Serious About Communion

The liturgy in St. Peter’s Square is expected to be relatively simple and “not too long,” about two hours, the Vatican said, and, interestingly, Pope Francis will not be distributing holy Communion. It’s not clear why, but the Vatican seemed to infer it was to keep the Mass shorter and simpler (500 priests and deacons will be on hand to distribute Communion throughout the square).

Some observers, however, believe it is so the Pope is not put in the awkward position of giving Communion to Catholic leaders such as Biden and Pelosi, whose public positions on abortion are at odds with Catholic teaching. As cardinal archbishop of Buenos Aires, Pope Francis was categorical in disallowing Communion to any who facilitated an abortion, politicians included. (Source)

If I was a priest, I would refuse Communion to the Pro-Abort politicians.  Start with Biden and Pelosi.  The Vatican would have to bend too because Pope Francis would have done the same thing.

Pope Francis a liberal?  If that’s a liberal, give me all your luvin’ all your hugs and kisses too!

3 thoughts on “Pope Francis Serious About Communion

  1. Traditionally, with a capital T and historically, the Pope did not distribute Holy Communion, it is something which developed with the “flat-lining” if you will of the Ordinary Form of the Msas. So, Pope Francis is a “Traditionalist!”

    But we really don’t know why.

    Your explanation is one possibility as is the length but I suspect that there are two others; pick one or both;

    1. So that nobody is seen as “special” because they received Holy Communion from the Holy Father, (this may be the case in keeping with his own low-key manner.)

    2. He has not decided on the manner of giving Holy Communion to people whilst kneeling and on the tongue and it would be imprudent on his part to stop Benedict’s practice particularly whilst he is with us still, so rather than deal with the matter after only a few days, better to forgo it. Notice however two things, the first being, he administered Holy Communion to the Deacons on the tongue whist kneeling and they distributed to the people in the same manner.

    We wait and see.

    However, my advice to anyone reading this is to forever banish receiving Holy Communion from an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion. Go to the priest and receive on the tongue, kneeling is more problematic, but if you work on the first two, that is a start.

  2. What a powerful pro-lfe issues statement this message sends to the most powerful people in the world! I’ve been looking for just this news. Thanks, John.

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