Pope Francis Must Relent

I don’t normally agree with Louie Verrecchio, but I agree with him in this video.

For me, if this pastoral fraud of adultery is pushed on parishes, and if I find my own parish becomes infected with this spiritual schizophrenia of accepting soft adultery as a way of life (which is really what is being proposed here), then I will simply leave.

Many of you perhaps can exist in this bizarre world where you can uphold the sanctity of marriage on paper and be welcoming and accepting (or at least formally tolerating) adulterous unions. In some ways, I admire your abilities to hold these contradictions in balance, but I simply cannot play ball.

I’m sure this new policy will do wonders for those marriages that are struggling.  One day, you have a Catholic marriage that is struggling. Next day, the marriage is caput.  Six months down the line, the adulterer shows up at the same church, with his new life partner in tow.  His real wife is in the back pew.  And we’re all to be accepting and welcoming of this new arrangement.  Next thing you know, he’s an extraordinary minister of holy communion and you’ll be OK with that because Cardinal Kasper is Pope Francis’s favourite theologian and there’s a new regime in town.

I will not accept this.  I just cannot.

6 thoughts on “Pope Francis Must Relent

  1. Secular Humanist Christianity is an oxymoron.The Catholic Secular Clergy and those of the Protestant cults know this. One cannot pretend to be a Christian in an edifice called church and be a secular pagan once he walks out.This is what passes for Christianity Today.In The New Testament the ones who behave like this are called pretenders,because that is what people like these really are. The homosexuals who are less than 2% of the people,who cannot naturally have children of their own, have politically united to have sodomy,promiscuous sex and homosexual marriage legalized,so they can use adult school teachers and homosexual activists to recruit your children in tax funded schools,as legalized so-called secular human rights. Catholics and Protestant Cults,are you more than 2% of the voting public? Are you real Christians? What have you done to our former Christian Civilization in Government,Law and Education? If you can’t save your children from schools who indoctrinate them into the tenets of evil,how then can you unite to save Lord Christ’s Church? Praying without acting on prayer is like praying to Secular Humanists to stop perverting your children in schools with your tax money.

  2. The sad reality is that many d&r (divorced and remarried) Catholics are welcomed and supported more than the suffering survivors abandoned by their adulterous spouses. The inversion of justice, i.e., the blessing-in-practice of permitting adulterers to receive Holy Communion while those abandoned by individuals whose crummy behaviour should merit censure until they repent, cries out to God for change.

    Because of a limp witness by priests and laity who sound more like apologists for secular society than witnesses to the Faith, and the ubiquitous corruption of the Liturgy, I’ve been tempted to leave for some time. But, where would I go? Not the dead end protestantism from which I came. Not the national churches of eastern orthodoxy, as beautiful as the Liturgy may be. I’m stuck with the wounded Bride of Christ. I’m one sinner among many in the House that Christ Himself founded on Saint Peter.

    A wise monsignor once told me that it only takes one saint to turn around a parish. We need a whole lot of saints faithful to Tradition to turn around parishes, dioceses and the Church. As much as there are a lot of weeds in the Church, there are a lot of good seeds who uphold truth and goodness in the Church. Thank God that there is so much manure (abuse, corruption, stupid teaching) to fertilize (compel) the growth of saints, saints who demand our pastors (and pope!) preach and teach the Catholic Faith undefiled.

  3. Louie Verrecchio quotes Pope Francis’ focus and then moves on to assume that his own (LV’s) subjective interpretation of what the Holy Father is saying must be right and is the only possible interpretation. The audience focus: “Today I would like to focus our attention on another reality: how to take care of those who, after an irreversible failure of the matrimonial bond, have entered into a new union.” Francis goes on to affirm Church teaching on the sacrament of Holy Matrimony and says that the Church must reach out to “wounded families” where divorce without declaration of nullity (annulment) and remarriage have taken place. There’s nothing new here, nothing nefarious; in fact this is simply a re-stating of the Catechism’s position on this issue – that these people are still part of the Church, and although they cannot receive communion, they are encouraged to attend Mass, pray and meditate on the word of God. AND, they deserve pastoral care. I’m sorry, but this video by LV is baseless and does a lot of harm to good Catholics seeking the truth. Please read the audience text http://w2.vatican.va/content/francesco/en/audiences/2015/documents/papa-francesco_20150805_udienza-generale.html

  4. Tony, how many times in Church history have you had 500,000 people asking the Pope to clarify Catholic teaching?

    What has necessitated that?

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